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LanternStay – Resort in Wayanad

Lanternstay is a forest resort situated in Wayanad. The scenic beauty and exciting packages are always exciting to travelers. But they have some worries related to the reach of the resort into a larger audience. After working with NV Digital marketing, Lanternstay became widely recognized and ranked 1st and 2nd for targeted keywords on google. And now their worries are converted into revenue.

Popular Maruti

Popular Maruti is a leading dealership agency for Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. How does NV Digital Marketing transpose them? We are pleased to say that, We achieved it through constant homework and accurate strategies. The result was stunning with increased brand sales by 70% in 45 days. We are not active, but proactive.

Ayurveda Deutschland

From Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda to Ayurveda Deutschland is a long run for them, we are delighted to be part of it. Through our teamwork and tireless effort, we got organic traffic hiked by 40%. By the utilization of brand new technologies and strategies the page view of Ayurveda Deutschland 38 % with a far short bounce rate of 42%. We are equipped with a professional and innovative team.