Web Audit and Analysis

An audit will help you ensure your source code, web content, and page speed is up to par throughout these updations and modifications.

Ever felt wonder when your competitors ranked high on SERP even if they have low authority and poor UX? Or you ever felt wretched after spending a lot of time and money on your site and still not getting enough traffic?

Maybe the answer to all your troubles can be solved by website audit and analysis. SEO audit has the power to enhance the ranking of your websites and can drive more revenue, leads and traffic.

But not sure how a website audit work? But before checking the work, we need to go over what a website audit is.

What is a Website Audit?

In simple words, a website audit is a process of analyzing the search engine friendliness of your site in different areas. A comprehensive study that will give you an in-depth understanding of everything related to your website. A complete site evaluation will provide you feedback on everything regarding the technical issues in your website.
The ultimate aim of SEO audit is to optimize the website to achieve a better ranking on the search engine results page. A website audit is considered one of the best processes to enhance the user experience and increase high search visibility.

Why Your Website Need an Audit?

Search engines like Google undergo frequent updation, modifications in their algorithm, and more. An audit will help you ensure your source code, web content, and page speed is up to par throughout these updations and modifications.
A proper website audit will give you an actionable plan that helps in analyze your website with that of your competitors and can observe what lacking in your website. You will get an overview of what changes you need to include in your website. It also helps in observing the SEO efficiency and well as the weakness of your website. Advanced SEO audit also helps in checking your website’s future. So it is important to perform an SEO audit at least 2 times per year.

What Does a Good Website Audit include?

Site Health Audit

This type of audit focused on the architecture and usability of your website, which includes technical SEO, page speed, internal, external links, and more.

Security Audit

It evaluates the defencelessness to security breaches. It prevents any type of threats to confidential information regarding your business as well as your customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) Audit

This type of audit helps you to understand the buying pattern and other actions they took on your website. It also helps to check what is stopping users to complete the conversion.

Google Penalty and Recovery Audit

There may be manual or algorithmic issues that may lead to Google penalties. These types of audits help to identify such penalties and provide solutions to recover the website.

Content and SEO Audit

Content is an important factor in a website. Content audits evaluate the performance of the content, check whether it is plagiarised or not. Similarly, SEO audit points out SEO issues such as broken links, improper anchor text, and more.

The Checklist of Analysis Process

Duplicate Content Check

According to the first Google update Panda, there is no room for plagiarism. Duplicate content checks help to avoid content duplication and keep the genuinely of content.

XML Sitemap Check

The XML sitemap informs the search engine about the URLs in your website that are available for crawling with the help of a search engine console. It provides details about the last date of updation.

Canonicalization Check

Canonicalization is a method of choosing the best URL from the list of URLs available on your website, in most cases; it refers to the home page URL.

Meta Tag Check

Meta tags are used to provide information about your website to the search engine. It checks whether the Meta tag is easily understandable or not.

Robots.txt Check

Robots.txt is exclusion protocol files. These files are used to inform the search engine about which areas of the website are not allowed for crawling. If any of your web pages are under construction, you can hide such areas from the search engine till completion.

Image Alt Tag Check

Image Alt tags are used to provide information about the images that you add to the website. Since search engines can’t read images, this additional information helps to do crawling better. Also, it is also used to help people who are visually impaired.

Broken Link Check

Broken link rot find out the presence of broken links in your website. These issues usually happen when the site is not updated as per search engine guidelines. Broken links hindered users from reaching the desired pages.

404 Error Page Check

404 error occurs when the page is not found when a user clicks on a particular link. It happens when the page is permanently deleted or some issues with the URL.

Page Load Check

This is an important measurement in which you can analyze how much time it takes to load your page. More loading time leads to poor user experience and increase bounce rate or even leads to pogo-sticking.

Mobile Responsive Check

Your website should be available on all devices, whether if it is desktop, mobile (IOS or Android), or tablets. Mobile responsiveness measures how mobile-friendly your website is.

HTML Sitemap Check

This type of audit helps you to understand the buying pattern and other actions they took on your website. It also helps to check what is stopping users to The HTML site is for the user, for them to navigate easily through the website. HTML sitemap check ensures that proper navigation of each link. Sitemaps help visitors to find a topic they are looking for and navigate to it easily.the conversion.

Heading Tag Check

The heading is defined in a website from h1 to h6. Based on the importance of heading we can use these tags. Heading tag check will help in ensure the hierarchy is followed or not and also check if there is an error in the number of times the heading tags used.

Page Rank Check

Page rank is a significant factor for every website while ranking on search engine results page. Each page has a unique rank depends on the quality it possesses.

Why Should I Hire a Professional For My Website Audit?

Website is not a simple task, a vast knowledge about the technical and other aspects of a website is highly necessary for a successful audit. You will surely an expert in your domain, why not hire a professional who is proficient in this domain?
There is definitely not one issue that you are going to face in an SEO audit. From canonical issues to duplication, from redirects to robots.txt files, from the internal structure to external there must be a plethora of things you need to tackle in order to make your website SEO-friendly. This is exactly why an SEO agency like NV Digital Marketing with years of expertise and in-depth knowledge became necessary. Because here we live and breathe website every second.

How Much Website Audit Costs?

The cost for a website audit mainly depends on the size of your website as well as the type of audits you want to apply to optimize your website for the goals you are expecting. Within 2 to 3 weeks you will get the entire result about the website audit within a custom budget of your choice.

Get Ready to Improve Your Website on SERP Rankings?

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