Technical SEO

A properly technically optimized helps both the search engine and users to get a better search experience. Such a website will possess some sophisticated features. Let’s check them.

The stepping stone towards creating a better search experience

Technical SEO is an important process in SEO. Conventionally, the term technical SEO is used to  define the optimization of the website for better crawling and indexing, also include some technical  tasks to enhance the search visibility. But the perspective is changed, it is a vast and extensive area,  which covers and everything from sitemaps, Meta tags, internal links, keywords research, and many  more. 

If you are a novice in this domain, it always better to have a proper understanding of such terms before investing in them. 

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO defines the technical aspects of a whole website in order to boost the ranking on the  search engine results page. Increasing the speed of the website, making the crawling more smooth,  and make it easily available to the search engine are some of the main aspects of technical  optimization.

Technical SEO is a subpart of on-page SEO in which it focused to improve the functioning of all the main elements of on-page SEO. It is termed “technical” because it has no connection with the website content or promotion. It is completely focused to optimize the infrastructure of the website. 

Why it is Important to Optimize Your Website Technically?

Search engines are very strict when comes to providing results based on the user’s query. Hence  spider bots crawl and evaluate the website very keenly based on various factors. One such factor is  page load time. How much does it take your website to respond? Apart from this the structural data  and the basic concept of what the website is all about also included in the technical aspects. So by enhancing these technical demands, you can make your search engine crawl better and rank high on the SERP.

Due to the growing demands of users, search engines like Google updated their algorithm for providing the best results possible. As a part of this, now search engines will penalize websites with poor structure, high page load time, and improper redirects. Without a proper technical SEO, these issues will seriously cost you well. 

Another misconception that most marketers have is that having a proper technical SEO is only for pleasing the search engine, but that’s absolutely wrong. A website should attract the user first with its fast, clear, and easy interface and usability. 

What are the Specialities a Technically Optimized Website will have?

A properly technically optimized helps both the search engine and users to get a better search experience. Such a website will possess some sophisticated features. Let’s check them.

Fast response

People are impatient, they don’t wait for a long time to load a website. According to a recent study, if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, around 54% of people will bounce and go for other options. So 3 seconds can decide the future of your business. A technically optimized website will have the ability for fast responses and hence easily ranked on the SERP. Fast crawling Search engines use spiders to crawl the website. These spiders will navigate to the links given in the sitemap. For a technically optimized website, the crawling time to successfully reduced by only allowing relevant links for crawling. All other broken or unwanted links are blocked by using robot.txt files. The better you guide these spider bots, the more effectively the search engine can crawl your website in a short time, which also leads to better ranking.

Minimal number of dead links

One of the main reasons for poor user experience is the presence of countless dead links or broken links. Users get easily irritated and bounce back when they reached a forbidden page or encounter a 404 error. Moreover, the search engines also find it scammy when they found too many dead links. But unfortunately erasing all the dead links is nearly impossible but the number can be considerably reduced by optimizing the website technically.

Highly secure

A technically optimized website is highly secured. This feature will enhance customer loyalty and user experience by keeping all the confidential information safe. In technical SEO, it demands the implementation of HTTPS on websites for providing an extra layer of safety. HTTPS ensures that no one is intercepted with any confidential data between you and your customers.

No room for plagiarism

Same contents on multiple pages have chances to win considered as plagiarised may get penalized by a search engine. But in this case, it is not actually duplication but the search engine may get confused, because different URL showing same content is considered as plagiarised by a search engine. But with technical SEO there is a solution for this. The feature of the canonical link element can make the URL identical to the original page.

Structured data

Structured data assist search engine to identify and easily understand the purpose of your website by analyzing your website, and the content. In technical SEO, it demands the implementation of structured data which helps to display your products or services better. It also makes your content easily readable and hence makes it eligible for ranking.

Our Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO Audit

At NV Digital Marketing, we follow a vast technical SEO audit to discover all technical issues in your website and rectify them with utmost precision. The audit incorporates checking all the major tasks like a mobile response, crawling error, internal link structure, XML speed, indexation errors, working of robots.txt, and the website architecture. Using this comprehensive audit, we develop results driven solutions to increase ranking on SERP and user experience.

Speed Optimization

As we discussed early page speed has a significant role in website ranking. Our assemblage of technical SEO experts uses various file compression methods to optimize your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Along with this we also analyze the performance of each code and hence reduce redirects. We also use different image optimization techniques to reduce the image size without compromising on its quality and reduce page load time.

Backlink Analysis

Quality backlinks are the backbone of every website. Those backlinks are considered as votes by search engines while ranking on SERP. Our team will use effective backlinks analysis methods to check whether your website is receiving quality backlinks or not. We use different backlink data sources to identify the referring domains and evaluate their domain authority and use such domains for getting more quality backlinks.

Competitor Analysis

Our advanced competitive analysis will give a competitive edge in the niche market. It helps in uncovering new opportunities and marketing strategies. Our technical team examines your competitor’s keyword performance, their domain authority and ranking on SERP, how they optimize their social media platforms and the reputed platforms where they receive quality backlinks. This innovative idea will help in taking better decisions for future campaigns.

Penalty Recovery

Google updates its algorithm frequently and may convert some white-hat techniques into black-hat techniques in order to provide a better search experience to the users. Because of this, your website may get penalized by Google. To help you to overcome this penalty, we use the Google search console to find out the reason and type of penalty your website received and resolve the issue by implementing various advanced strategies.

Structured Data Markup

Structured data are necessary for both the search engines and users to understand and navigate through the website effortlessly. We use various strategies like the use of schema markup methods, assigning different Meta tags, proper use of HTML codes, and more. Also, we use Google’s structured data testing tool to check the proper functioning and eliminate all the errors.

Accomplish top search engine ranking with our robust technical SEO tactics.