On-Page SEO 

Want more organic traffic to your website? 

Whether you have a multi-national company or a small start-up, your online business mainly  depends on SEO or Search engine optimization. Without an effective SEO that helps in website  ranking, it is almost impossible to survive. 

SEO can be classified into two parts. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. These two are the pillars of  SEO. Without the proper execution of both On-page and Off-page, we can’t generate organic traffic  to your website. 

Here we are focusing on the importance of on-page SEO and how it helps in better ranking. So let’s start. 

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the method of optimizing your website including all the inner web pages for reaching  a high rank on the search engine results page and hence drive more organic traffic to your website.  On-page comprises of both content and HTML code, on the other hand, Off-page focused on the  links and other external signals. 

Fruitful on-page optimization needs an amalgamation of different factors. A systematic analysis and regular basis monitoring is the only way to improve the on-page performance of your website. 

What is Off-page SEO? 

Off-page SEO refers to the process taken outside your website that helps in ranking your website on  the search engine results page. Optimizing your off-page SEO helps your website to gain popularity,  relevance, authority, and reliability. This is achieved by promoting quality backlinks from other  reputable platforms to your website.

Why On-page SEO is Important? 

When a user puts a query on the search engine for acquiring information, the search engine crawls  billions of matching websites to discover the most relevant website regarding with user’s query and  displayed it on the SERP or Search engine results page. Usually, ten or more websites are ranked on  the first page of the SERP according to their relevance. The better your website ranked on the SERP,  the better your website has chances to get more organic traffic. 

The best way to achieve a high rank on SERP without investing on the paid ads is SEO. Here on-page  SEO has an important role to make the spiders crawl the website effectively and helps in better  ranking. On-page SEO gives you the best way to communicate with the search engine which makes it  ranked high on the list. Hence an efficacious SEO campaign can improve a brand’s online visibility  and make it more available for users to reach out and hence engage with the website. A better On page can brings you about 60-90% of organic traffic to your website. 

Effective On-page optimization also helps in providing you a competitive edge in the niche market.  Moreover, most of the SEO optimizing methods are free, and technical SEO optimization methods well-known for their cost-effectiveness also. Since SEO is a free tool you can’t expect miracles overnight. It is a time-consuming process. The use of best On-page SEO practices, effective strategies, frequent analysis, and monitoring are the core elements in SEO. 

Elements Involved in On-page SEO 

There is no standard method to optimize the On-page SEO, uncovering various methods to improve  the functioning of On-page SEO is truly depends on us. Here we include some major elements that  an On-page has. 

  1. Technical optimization
  2. Content 
  3. Internal links and structure 
  4. Design
1. Technical Optimization

The main three parts in technical optimization are server speed, source code, and IP address. 

Server speed: Loading time is an important factor considered by the search engine in the ranking  process and on-page optimization has a significant role in boosting the server speed. 

Source code: A source code serves as the backbone of your website. But optimizing the structure by evaluating the heading, Meta and other tags are done through on-page optimization. 

IP address: It is a unique address used by search engines to identify devices on the internet.

2. Content

Content is the king, hence optimizing it according to the SEO guidelines is highly necessary. 

Text: Optimizing the text is necessary to ensure the keyword density as well as to make sure the  content is not created around the keyword. 

Structural text factors: The readability of the content can be improved when optimizing the  structural text factors like paragraphs, heading tags, bolding, bullet points, and more. 

Graphics: Graphics plays an important part in content optimization. Graphics can increase the user  experience and make them engage with the website and also increase the relevance of the content. 

Meta-tags: Optimizing Meta-tags like meta title, meta description, heading tags are highly essential for improving click-through rate and organic traffic in your website. Even if they are directly visible to the people, they have an important part in content engagement. 

3. Internal Links and Structure 

Internal links and a better structure help the spiders to navigate and crawl the website seamlessly.

Structure and crawl depth: Optimizing structure involves the careful designing of menus, pages,  and links along with ensuring the accurate following of website hierarchy. This helps in quicker and  better crawling. 

Internal linking: Optimizing the internal links ensures the proper flow of link juice in your website.  A good sitemap is an important on-page SEO element which helps both users and search engine to  navigate easily. 

Canonization: Adding suitable canonical tags are important to avoid content duplication.

URL structure: Creating a search engine-friendly URL is important in both crawling and ranking.

4. Design 

An effective and simple design can boost the functionality of the website. 

Mobile Optimization: People are using the internet now mostly through smartphones hence  mobile-friendliness of the website is a must that you must ensure. 

File size: Page load time highly depends on the size of the files used on the website. Images or  graphics with high file size will increase the page load time and reduce UX. Hence optimizing file size  is a must-do factor. 

Call-to-action button: Action stimulating pages and buttons are necessary to boost the conversion rate. Hence place an appropriate call-to-action button on suitable places will boost the on-page  SEO. 

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What do our SEO services include?

At NV Digital Marketing, we offer tailor-made on-page SEO services globally. We are a team of  industrial specialists with impeccable skills and vast experience in providing customized solutions to  our clients. Our on-page SEO services include: 

  • Blog creation and optimization 
  • Analytics tracking
  • Link structure analysis 
  • Metadata optimization
  • SSL certificate setup
  • Mobile optimization
  • Technical on-page website audit and error rectification
  • Re-optimizing website content based on keyword research
  • Graphics and designing

Each SEO method incorporates efficacious technical and marketing strategies that are optimized  with state-of-the-art planning, execution, and reporting. 

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