Link Analysis and Optimization

Without a doubt, we can say that one of the main challenges in digital marketing is to rank your  website for a set of relevant keywords on the search engine results page. In between the website  optimization based on algorithm updates and checking the quality of links from various sources, it  almost seems like an overwhelming process. 

Now the search engine has changed its algorithm for providing a better search experience by penalizing websites having bad backlinks. So more than the number of backlinks now search engines are obsessed with the quality of backlinks. One of the best strategies that marketers used to overcome this dreadful challenge is by using various link analyzing tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz,  and more. Regardless of the choice, you made between these tools, a proper understanding of these terms and their features is extremely important for using these tools to their fullest

What is Link Analysis?

Link analysis is a process of identifying connections between various entities that is between product and customer and between service and customer. These connections can differ between various kinds of nodes like people, brands, and even transactions. 

Link analysis is an important tool to identify and demonstrate information to permit for better  understanding, particularly about the links, relationship in links between people and various entities.  Link analysis is an intelligent solution used in search engine optimization as well as in digital  marketing.

Link analysis demands diligent data assembling. In networking, it is used to identify the integrity between different network nodes by checking the information that flows through physical or virtual links.

What is Link Optimization?

Link optimization is used to improves your link quality by analyzing different factors to check the  best destination for your web traffic. Internal and external links are two various types of links a  website receives. Internal links are the links that are present inside the website to enhance link juice  while the external link is a link that is navigating from other platforms to your website. External links have the ability to improve ranking and addition values to your website. That means links matter. So  optimizing links are truly important. 

It will be difficult for both users and search engines to understand how to use your website. So in order to avoid such confusion, you need to make both parties understand the ultimate use of your links. That is why optimization of links became highly essential. 

Why you Should Consider Link Analysis?

As I said early search engines consider links as votes to measure the authority of your website. Link  analysis will help you in better understanding the ability of your website as well as the quality of  your link, whether it helps in ranking or not. It helps to identify the bad backlinks. Just like quality  backlinks having the power to rank your website higher on SERP, bad backlinks can make your  website get penalized by search engines or even worse. That’s why filter out the bad backlinks  became necessary.

With the help of Google Search Console, you can easily block all the bad backlinks in your website through disavowing feature. Conducting a link analysis of your competitor’s website helps you to understand the difficulty level you need to overcome in order to outrace the competitor. It also shows the potential links your competitor has which you don’t have.

Things to Consider in a Link Analysis

Quantity of links and unique domains

One of the major factors in all the matrices is the number of backlinks that your website received from other platforms. Even though quality is the prime factor of quantity, still counting and comparing the number of links to that of your competitor’s will helps you in evaluating the authority of your website. Along with a number of referring domains also plays an important role in link analysis. This count points out the number of unique website links that your website linked with. For instance, if your website has a total of 1000 total links and 500 referring domains, then you got 500 links from the website that are already linked to your website. More backlinks and fewer referring domains are a normal thing. Still making a profile with a plethora of reputed domains is always an added advantage.

Top Pages

Your website should have a lot of pages and all pages have different ranks too. Based on the page quality there will be differences in the number of links pointing to your website page. In most cases, the index page will have the most links connected pages. Apart from that if you ever outreach any particular page, then you can see that particular page is on the top of the list with the most number of links. These top pages and helps in identifying the best contents and how they generate links to your website. Also if you ever witness a particular topic on a page receives more clicks then it means it has great potential and you can post more content based on that topic. Analyzing your competitor’s page is also an advantage in assembling information for taking better content strategies. All the top linked pages give a basic idea about the best link-building strategies.

Referring Domains

Domain close-up is has a significant role in link analysis. This gives an important idea about where your most precious links are and which is that particular content with a high ability to generate links. This data became even more significant when you look at the competitors. This way you can easily identify the opportunities for your website that your competitors already have.

Link Analysis Methods

Eliminating the bad data

At NV Digital Marketing, we focused to make your website trustworthy by eliminating all the bad links that are connected to your website. For this purpose, our experts use various techniques to find out all the bad backlinks in your website and disavow them with the help of the Google Search console. We perform this process on a periodic basis to ensure that there is no bad data is attached to your website and hence provide a better user experience and helps in better ranking. Along with this, we use various tools to check the strength of in-bound pages.

Repeat for your competitors

We already discussed the importance of analyzing the links of your competitors. We collect all the insights obtained from the competitor’s website to create better strategies and result-driven solutions for your brand.

Link Optimizing Methods

Make your links look good

A larger and complex URL always looks suspicious and the may user find it scammy. Usually, URLs are quite lengthy but messy and difficult links are definitely read and understand even for the search engines. So we also used to optimize the link for including keywords and make it more readable and easily understandable. Before navigating to a particular page, users will understand what the page is all about by just looking at the URL. Such processes make the website looks more trustworthy and user-friendly.

Link Library

Keeping a link library is a clever technique we use to collect a pile of links. They are listed out in a well-organized way that it became really beneficial for future use. If you want to provide many links to the user at a time then using a link library is the best solution. Getting a lot of internal and external links is a great advantage. But for success that is not enough, analysing and optimizing those links carefully is also important. Start analyzing your links now with us and improves the opportunities for ranking better on SERP.

Link customization

In optimization, we initially focused on the appearance of the link after that it all about the function of the link. Looks matters but if it doesn’t work properly then there is no use. We use different plugins to customize the link according to the purpose and ensure seamless and secure functionality.