Influencer Marketing

Grow Your Business and Drive More Revenue From Influencer Marketing

Grow Your Business and Drive More Revenue From Influencer Marketing

With the advancement and rise of social media, many brands are choosing meaningful collaboration for building brand credibility and get maximum reach with a short period of time. That’s why from  2018 onwards Influencer marketing received a huge welcome. 

But before investing in anything, getting a comprehensive understanding of the same is highly necessary.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that focuses on using highly influential people to build your brand and use them as a medium to create a strong bond with the potential audience. Rather than marketing directly with the customers, using an influencer as a mediator will help in building brand awareness and improving sales in a very short time.

Influencer marketing is a proven tool with a wide range of recommendations because of the high level of trust those social influencers already have through their millions of followers. By choosing the right influencer, your brand will reach out to a million audiences without any hassle. Influencers use their personal social channels to promote your products or services across N number of people.

Why Influencer Marketing Important for Your Business?

Influencer marketing has a great impact on the way people used to buy things. Around 68% of marketers report that they saw considerable growth in their revenue through Influencer marketing.  With the high demand for such innovative social media marketing methods, now influencer marketing is more focused on providing streamlined solutions, started using tools like influencer networks, even conduct programs to provide more exposure to the brand. 

Let’s check some facts.

  • Around 51% of people don’t trust online brands.
  • Almost 68% of people use ad skip buttons and hence digital ads fail to get an impression.
  • Approximately 37% of people unsubscribe from platforms because of excessive promotional messages.
  • According to Google reports around 43% of digital ads are fake.

Even if your ad is genuine, how you can reach out your product to the potential audience if they are now ready to trust your brand. So keeping the conventional marketing methods only will never going to help you in a long run. But people will definitely trust those popular personalities who are having millions of followers on social media platforms. That’s why you should consider investing in influencer marketing. 

Despite the size of the business, marketers Now started using influencer marketing to get consistent communication with consumers and drive them to their businesses. People always look for authentic voices rather than faceless sales executives. The rise in demand in influencer marketing shows that can be a game-changer in the upcoming days. 

But finding the right influencer for your business is not an easy task. That’s where the importance of renowned and proficient influencer marketing agencies like NV Digital Marketing became a savior.

Why Choose Us?

At NV Digital marketing, we are an assemblage of seasoned marketing professionals with more than 30 years of experience. We always focused on discovering various and unique ways to provide the best service that you deserve. In influencer marketing, we already have a wide array of networks with the most efficient and renowned influencers globally who have the capability to drive business growth to your brand with the utmost ease.

Our proficient team is well aware of all the current trends in every social media and has the capability to use it for the favor of your business. Because of this out-of-the-box approach, our clients are able to witness positive results for their trust in us and for their investment.

What do We do?

Campaign Creation

By after your business objectives and the needs and prerequisites you want to implement in the campaign, we customize every single detail which leads you to leverage result-driven outcomes from every campaign. With the influencer-based content, social media shout-outs, product reviews, and event launches, you will be able to drive potential customers to your business.

Identifying Influencers

Identifying the right influencer is the initial phase in influencer marketing. With our in-house software techniques, we cut down the wide array of options in the influencer network based on your domain and marketing objectives. We only make a deal only after ensuring the perfect match between your business requirements and the area of proficiency of the influencer. A perfect influencer doesn’t only have the personality and vast followers but also have the capability to drive customers to your business.

Campaign Management

Successful campaigns are not created with magic, it begins with strong content. After the campaign creation and selection of influencers, comes the part of campaign management. It shows how effectively the influencers can convey the content to the potential audience. We focused to make a friendly relationship between the influencer and the brand, which definitely reflects the way he/she handles the brand, negotiation, activation, and execution.

Measuring and Reporting

Influencer marketing is a long-term process. We know that you will expect magic even after the first campaign, out top-notch team, will assist you to track the day-by-day growth, content engagement, customer feedback, and sales in real-time. We will use the insights regarding the demographics, interest, and behavior of the potential audience to understand the buying pattern better and improve necessary changes to the campaigns for accomplishing more success.

How Our Influencer Marketing Strategy Drives ROI in Your Business?

Our influencer marketing strategy is one of the most successful ways to re-engage and inspire potential customers because it blends with the touch of authentic voice by renowned influencers,

relevant and unique content. Our services are not based on any celebrities, not based on you. It is completely based on trust. It is trusted and relevant rather than intrusive and artificial.

We only approach influencers who are passionate about your domain and who capture relevant platforms to convey unique ideas and opinions and can have the capability to drive meaningful outcomes through their stories, contents, and reviews. Because such influencers cab only develops audience trust and engagement.

A recent study in the US shows that influencer marketing offers to 2nd highest return of investment (ROI) among other digital marketing techniques. Our own clients reported a growth of around 2X time they obtained annually only through our innovative influencer marketing services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Influencer Marketing

Not really! Influencers mostly have audiences that are quite less when compared to celebrities, however, there are exceptional cases also. They only target a particular domain which they are passionate about and followers with similar tastes.

Each campaign has its own set of peculiarities. Depends on the marketing goals, marketers can customize the campaigns accordingly. Cost varies across the domain, the number of followers, demand of a particular influencer, and extra digital spend to promote the campaigns. That’s why using an influencer marketing agency is always a better option, so that you can choose according to your budget from the N number of influencers.

Influencer marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods that bring high ROI. Agencies like NV Digital Marketing offer tailor-made campaigns, which gives smaller businesses room to make more revenue and success without spending more on any other marketing campaigns. However, the minimum capital is necessary to run the campaign successfully.

Technological Advances

Technology is changing as per our needs, so does influencer marketing. Day-by-day it became an essential part of every industry. New tools have been invented for making reporting and analysis of influencer marketing even better.

Cross-channel Measurement

Influencers post the contents on various platforms because for the better results of campaigns. Here tools are developed to measure the growth in every channel. Calculating the cross-channel influence and the ROI gives an accurate result about the campaign. We at NV Digital Marketing already has developed a set of an algorithm to check the performance of influencers across different social channels.