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Get Better Search Visibility with a Complete Google My Business Profile

Did you know 37% of local businesses are still not using Google My business platform?
Evidently, there are missing out around 64% of their local business, because now people are using search engines especially Google for each and everything. The survey in 2020, shows that around 97% of people search online for all types of local services.

Are you also included in this 37%?

If yes, it is the right time to drive your business on the right path before it gets too late. 

Since we are living in a digital epoch it is extremely significant to provide accurate and relevant information about your product or service when customers search for it online. One of the best to impart better search visibility and improve local sales in your business is by using the Google My business platform. Google business listing is an eminent platform to grab attention from local; customers and which helps in driving your target audience to your business.

Why Use Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool where you can add relevant information regarding your business and helps in improving the search ranking. Hence the billions of local audience out there can easily found your brand when they search online. A top-notch and complete Google My Business page assists in creating your trustworthiness and authority in the eyes of Google as well in the eyes of customers. It helps you achieve the measurements where they are while pulling them closer to your business.

Your Google profile helps people to know your online presence through the responses you provide in posts, photos you share, reviews you got, the offers you provide, and more. The Google business website helps in showcasing your business professionally online through the pictures, maps, and descriptions you provide. All these helps you to optimize your customer engagement and gain better results in a hassle-free manner.

What Does a Google Business Profile Shows?

It is truly important to know all things that we can add to our Google business profile which makes the search visibility even better. The more you update relevant information about your business in Google the chances of ranking at the top also will increase. It also offers more trustworthiness in the eyes of the audience by seeing the transparency that you are ready to offer. Let’s look at all information that we can incorporate in Google My Business profile.

Business Name

A business name is a very first identity that we present in front of the audience. So, if your business name gets listed in the Google business listings, the chances of people will recognize and reach out to your business will increase considerably. Since you get a chance to display your business name, it doesn’t mean that you can stuff keywords in it. So using a professional service like NV digital marketing can be a better option since the team is well-aware of the frequent google updations and has the efficiency to deal with it.


Adding pictures of your business, employees, products or services helps to gain more potential customers. Because it demonstrates your work, team, and service with the customer. On the other hand, images in the Google business profile helps to boost the local SEO. At NV Digital Marketing, we always focused on incorporates more images by given suitable titles and keywords to the images for better ranking and boosting the local SEO.


Apart from the business name, another important factor is your address. Since google business listing has the power to uplift the local sales, it is important to mention the service area and address for easy navigation for the customers. With the instant GPS navigation provided in your service address, people can easily navigate to your store. This became an important factor especially if you provide household services and you need to travel to the customer’s location, the address option will help to check the distance you need to travel.

Business Hours

Including business hours in the Google business profile is the best way to show the working hours like when your store will open, the closing time and weekly off, and more. Adding business hours in the Google business profiles helps to avoid unwanted situations like if customers arrive at your store and unfortunately it was not on a working time, it will definitely create a bad impression on your customers and you will lose one customer. Such unwelcomed situations can be easily avoided by using the business hour option in the Google business profile.

Phone Number

Just like any other important factor, the phone number has a high priority. From the Google business listing, people can directly call you to clarify the queries related to the services, or to book service or products, or even for appointments and reservations. It is not necessary that all categories all people prefer to use apps to book services, there are still people out there who prefer direct calls over apps.


Reviews are very significant since it shows the quality of service that you offer to your customers and can have the ability to enhance the local SEO. It is also important to respond to review despite bad or good, to make consistent and effective communication with the customers. Good reviews show the importance of maintaining the good quality of your services while bad reviews show the areas that need improvement. And your positive response to both reviews will make a great impression on the audience. For this also you can use professional services since they have vast knowledge in handling and giving relevant responses to each review.


A strong online presence can be showcased with the help of a user-friendly website. Driving more traffic to the website can increase the sales cycle as well as in a brand building. So providing the website link in the Goggle My business profile helps in driving more potential customers to your business. While ranking in the search engine results page (SERP), a user-friendly and high domain authority website can make an excellent impression in the eyes of Google. Providing the website link in the local business listing is the best way to showcase your business professionalism and hence improves the trustworthiness of your brand.


In the description session, you can provide all the important information regarding your business and it is the best place to include some of the primary keywords as well.

What We Offer?

Boost Local SEO

By incorporating all the relevant information regarding your business while keeping an eye on all the latest Google updates, we focused on enhancing the local SEO for your business and hence improves sales. The business listing will enhance the organic SEO by driving quality backlinks to the website and which in turn boosts the domain authority.

More Brand Visibility

The more your business gets listed in the directories, the more brand visibility to will get, as simple as that. We focused to find all the relevant and important directories since they have a high number of visitors. This approach will help you to get more search visibility and helps in brand building.

Enhance Brand Reputation

Most marketers are afraid to include their business in the directories in the fear of negative responses. But this also makes the barrier to reach out to the N number of potential customers which can have the ability to enhance brand reputation. With our vast experience, impeccable problem-solving skills we deal with all types of reviews and provide the best result-driven solution which guaranteed to improve the brand reputation. 

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