Email Marketing Tactics

Email marketing is a resilient tool that is remarkably effective in building brand awareness, generating leads, promoting products or services.

Email Marketing – A Reliable And An Adaptable Solution

Email marketing is a resilient tool that is remarkably effective in building brand awareness, generating leads, promoting products or services. It is one of the major cost-effective techniques to reach, engage and maintain your customers. Email marketing is currently seeing an immense recovery in popularity because a revenue of $ 61 for every $ 1.35 spent is definitely a great profit.

Why Your Brand needs Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a flexible and resilient tool in digital marketing. The best channel to build brand awareness, improve traffic growth and conversions.

Improve Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the initial step in accomplishing marketing goals and hence enhances customer relationships. The newsletter through email marketing helps in providing current and upcoming events and helps to maintain consistent communication with the customer.

Enhance Customer Retention

A good email marketing strategy with the right data reaches the right customer at the right time helps in customer retention. The re-engagement tactics in email marketing help in reminding your brand’s existence and improves retention rate.

Establish Authority

Email marketing helps in demonstrating what you have achieved and shows how authoritative your brand in the industry. Sending relevant content about the service or product through mail boost the chances of buying.

Does Email Marketing Still Beneficial?

This is one of the major concerns that most people share when they planning to invest in email marketing. With the rise of advanced social media platforms, somewhat it is true that email marketing got out-dated but the current matrices and trends in email marketing don’t seem to agree with the above statement.

Let’s check out some facts to prove the huge resurgence in the popularity of email marketing.

  • For every spend of $1, you will get an average of around $45 as the return of investment.
  • Personalized emails are widely recommended and show an overall growth of about 70%  among millennials and Gen Z categories.
  • More than 55% of users admitted that personalized emails have a great influence on their buying decisions
  • Around 51% of the marketers found email marketing cost-effective and productive.
  • The email has an open rate of about 23.62% in all domains globally.
  • 47% of business professionals check their emails on a daily basis the similar way we check social media platforms.
  • Emails have a 6 times higher click-through rate than other marketing techniques.

Features For Lucrative Email Marketing

Attractive Email Copy

Well-written emails are the pillars of every email marketing. Open-rate mainly depends on these email copies. It is a short form of writing and hence every single word counts. It should contain everything that you want to convey to your potential customers.

Compelling Templates and Graphic Design

Depends on the brand personality, choosing a compelling template and graphic design is highly necessary. It is mandatory to ensure that each email is crafted professionally and perfectly to complement the context in the email.

Analytics and Data

Having a measurable and specific goal is important for every email marketing campaign. Insights through website analytics, social media metrics, and other software provide data-driven solutions for future strategies and can measure the growth of the brand through email marketing effectively.

Customer Segmentation

A main key factor in every successful email marketing is Customer segmentation. Segmenting your customer database on the basis of contact details, features, position in the sales funnel allows you to choose the most potential customers and gives ultimate control over email marketing.

Digital Marketing Materials

Compelling email copy lines and templates will help in the open-rate of the emails but people only invest more time in it only if you succeed in providing interesting and worthwhile. The use of digital marketing materials like videos, quizzes, blog posts is an added advantage.

Why Does Your Business Need To Hire an Email Marketing Service?

Marketing the product or service is extremely important in every business. Email marketing is surely an effective tool in digital marketing. But more than 300 billion emails were sent and received on a daily basis. Then how your email will reach out to potential customers? How you can stand out from the competitors?

Here is where an email marketing service becomes a savior. With the several kinds of email designs, patterns, templates, and formats, you will receive the best results you deserve. Apart from sales and revenue generation it also helps in brand building and promotions.

The right email marketing service can reach your product or service to the right audience in the right format that will surely lead to sales. Ensure that your subscribers understand your brand in every aspect and helps in business growth. The aim of email marketing is to discover new sources of revenue through a new audience and also by engaging your loyal customers by providing relevant information and offers regarding the brand. In such cases, having an email marketing service on your side is always an added advantage.

What Do We include In Our Email Marketing Services?

Target-based Campaigns

All the campaigns organized through email marketing are target-based. Email marketing uses social media materials and landing pages to provide maximum results of promotions for lead generation of target based on like eBooks and white papers.

At NV Digital Marketing, we are dedicated to creating personalized emails which are renowned for their recipient-specific features which are done through an effective customer database. By incorporating, the best content along with user interface designs and other best practices such as attractive and engaging email copy lines, videos, call-to-action-buttons, we focused on maximum click-through rate and sales conversions.

Proper Drip Email Campaigns

Drip campaigns have the ability to boost email outreach. In drip campaigns also have a robust capability to deliver context-specific, relevant, tailor-made emails that helps in building brand awareness and drive a new audience to your business.

We use the applications of various email automation software to make a relevant and consistent engagement with the right audience. This also helps in avoiding the excessive flow of emails to your customers and which leads to unsubscription.

Personalized List Segmentation

Which copy lines work better?

Which call-to-action button will provide you the best results?

Which templates works better?

With our testing method, all the queries will be easily erased and which helps in making your campaign better and engaging. At our agency, we are driven by results, we use various analysis tools to find all the finest details about each email campaign. With such a sophisticated and accurate testing and reporting method, you can easily take result-driven results.

Content-driven Email Marketing Tactics

Contents can play a crucial part in email marketing. With the top-notch features in our content marketing strategies, we help you to run various email campaigns based on your marketing goals with a resilient content base. Frequent trial and error methods are adopted in content strategies to ensure that your business goals are being met.

What Makes Our Email Marketing Service Special?


This is one of the main benefits of using our email marketing service. With affordable pricing, you can reach an N number of customers and generate immense sales. Without compromising on the quality, we focused to deliver budget-friendly services which help in your business growth.

Provides All Kinds Of Email Marketing Services

From customer list segmentation to content, we can do it all without any delay or compromise in quality. Depends on your business needs, we will help you in reaching out to a pile of customers through newsletters, drip campaigns, eBooks, and more.

The Vast Experience and Proven Results

We at NV Digital Marketing is an assemblage of industrial specialists with vast experience and impeccable skills. With our proven track records we focused on providing result-driven email marketing solutions that are mandatory for your business growth.