Content Analysis and Optimization


How often do you optimize your content? 

Or is it necessary to do so? 

Creating dynamic, engaging, and exciting content is not a piece of cake. Perfectly nailing the tone and style, while eliminating the chances of grammatical and spelling issues and optimizing it based on SEO guidelines is definitely not an easy task. However, content has an important role in SEO as well for the fruitful future of your website. 

If you want better SERP rankings, great brand visibility, and more organic traffic then posting optimized content consistently is necessary. Let’s admit it. Quality content is an important factor in every SEO strategy. It can make a great impact on ranking and organic traffic. Most importantly search engines can have the ability to read the content only. Each word in your website can help the search engine to understand the purpose of your website and ranked it accordingly. So analyzing and optimizing content is extremely important.

Let’s see how content analysis and optimizing can helps in better ranking. 

What is Content Analysis? 

Content Analysis is a process of analyzing the content to ensure its ability to trigger organic performance. Content analysis showcases the fact that not all crawled pages on your website will be indexed by the search engine. Or in other words, crawling your website content will never be guaranteed to improve the ranking on SERP. 

Quality content is necessary. Sometimes your website doesn’t rank on the website or even say no indexing. Such issues are arisen due to several reasons. Content analysis is the best way to identify and rectify it. 

How to do Content Analysis? 

In content analysis, mostly two methods are involved. Evaluating the issues in the existing content and analyzing content ideas to discover the ranking factors. 

1. Evaluating the issues in the existing content 

The main issues that are often seen in existing contents are given below. 

Duplicate content 

Content duplication is a serious issue, which even has the potential to penalize your website by the search engine. According to the Google algorithm, Panda, there is no room for plagiarism. But in some cases, even content on two different pages on the same website is also considered as duplicated because of the two different URLs. But content analysis can solve all these problems.

 Keyword Cannibalization 

Keyword cannibalization is a grey hat technique in which most of the pages in your website focuses on the same keyword. Mostly keyword cannibalization occurs unintentionally. Such problems may confuse the search engine. A content audit can help you discover keyword cannibalization. 

Decaying Content 

One of the major mistakes that marketers made is not updating the content. Content analysis has the ability to point out decaying content which reduces the website performance and filled with duplications. Through such an analysis process, you can decide to keep the page or replace it with a better one. 

2. Analyzing new content ideas
Meta-data pattern

when you search on Google you can see some common features on the metadata of high-ranked websites on SERP. Knowing such patterns will help you while creating meta descriptions and meta titles for your website. Evaluating the high-ranked websites will give an idea about the minimum quantity of content that you need to add to your website and how to style it for better crawling. 

Another major thing that you must keep in mind while analyzing the content is the engagement of the content, i.e., the ability of the content to engage the customers. The best way to enhance this is by adding a question-answer pattern where you can include the questions and the related answer that your potential audience are looking for. For doing so you can use the search-related session on the SERP after entering a query on the search box.

What is Content Optimization?

Content analysis is a method of updating and adding relevant changes to on-page and HTML coding to make content more attractive and easily understandable to search engines and users. The prime priority in content optimization is SEO content or high-quality content. Google process 63,000 search queries every second and aligns the websites on the SERP based on its algorithm. Hence optimizing the content is highly recommended. One of the main problems with the digital world is one that might find user-friendly one day might get replaced by another and this is absolutely correct especially in the case of content. So consistently updating and optimizing the website content is the only way to keep up with the competition and the constant changes in the digital epoch. 

Why Content Optimization is Important?

Content optimization makes the content easily crawlable for the spiders. While it identifies and removes the fluffy and plagiarized content or content that doesn’t meet the SEO guidelines before it gets penalized by the search engine. Let’s see some features offered by optimized content.

More clicks: According to recent studies it is found out that well-optimized content has 4X times more clicks than the normal one.

More traffic: Obviously more clicks mean more traffic to your website. It helps to bring more traffic than PPC.

More visibility: Brand with well-optimized, structured, and top-notch content have around 57% more visibility on SERP.

More leads: Quality and well-optimized content can produce around 3X more leads.

More conversion: when the availability of leads increases the chances of conversion also will increase.

Why Choose Our Content Analysis and Optimization Service?

We at NV Digital Marketing inspired to incorporates content analysis and optimization into one, easy-to-use tool, that helps in providing specific, data-driven solutions which in turn helps our clients to accomplish the competitive edge and provide the ability to resolve content challenges. Now people are really interested to know the in-depth information about the things that happen in the digital world, and hence they don’t easily trust new marketers. We help our clients to get that trustworthiness by efficiently including all the relevant topics which the people are eagerly searching on the internet in their content and hence boost the brand visibility in the search, thus improving their overall traffic.

How our Content Analysis and Optimization Service Work?
Decide goals and metrics

We tailor-made effective solutions for content optimization and analysis after getting in-depth knowledge about your goals and metrics. This helps the customization even more proficient and easy. Our analytics team will discover what works best for your brand and find the best way to reach out the same to potential clients. We focused to repair, reconfigure, and rejuvenate your content so you conquer your business goals.

Update and Optimize

Content is fruitless unless your potential customers are not clicking on it. Our results-driven strategies will help in updating and optimizing all the pages and which in turn helps in generating more organic traffic, click-through rates, and better sales for your business. Along with this, our team will recommend changes to the content management system on a systemic basis so that all your content on the website, blogs, or social media platforms will remain relevant and up-to-date. 

Rinse and Repeat

We will repeat the process in a periodic manner for acquiring better results and for outracing your competitors. Because sometimes a small, data-driven change in the content can bring a huge difference. So, our content analyzing team is always focused to discover such small changes that can bring high conversions to your business. 

Our mission is to enhance your vision by improving the lifetime value of your content. Our B2B SaaS excellence in content analysis and optimization, analytics, SEO, and usability make our content marketing services differ from the rest. Let us help you provide your content the love and recognition it deserves.