Online Brand Positioning

Maximize Customer Relevance and Competitive Edge With Brand Positioning

How Do People Recognize Your Brand?

Earlier, people used to follow many conventional marketing methods to promote brands and get exposure for their products. Guerilla marketing, billboards, and paid advertisements in newspapers are some examples of this. But unfortunately, the impact it can give is tremendously low when compared to the effort we need to put into it. That’s why expert says, Traditional marketing strategies is not dying, it’s dead!

As we are approaching the epoch of the Internet of Things, these traditional branding methods will never go to build your brand. A consistent, effective, and online medium is the best way to make an engaging communication with your customers, knowing the recent trends and updates in technologies. A website can be served as such an effective medium.

Why Your Brand Need a Website?

The branding of your business starts from a website. Online visibility for your brand can be provided by a website. There are around 400000 searches are happing on online every second and this is a huge potential for your business but without having a website how people can find you?

Nearly 97% of people look for businesses and services online and around 47% of businesses don’t have a website and which ends up lacking customers and sales. Brand credibility can boost drastically with websites. Without a website, your target audience will be left wondering what your business is all about, and hence reluctant to invest in your business. Websites help you to get connected to the real world. Helps in serving and retaining current customers and effectively find new customers.

  • But your responsibility doesn’t end after launching a website.
  • With millions of websites, how people can find your brand?
  • Here shows the importance of brand positioning.

What is Brand Positioning?

Implementing an effective brand positioning strategy is a matter of basically having a perception about where you want to take your brand.

Brand positioning is about influencing the audience’s impression regarding your brand for accomplishing a competitive edge. That is making the brand more visible, attractive, and trustworthy which leads to more organic website traffic and sales. Successful positioning has a significant impact on well-planned marketing strategies. Therefore the growth of the business needs a strong positioning in order to outrace the competition. Reaching a strong position allows you to manage the market guidelines and you can create more attractive features for your product or service.

Why Brand Positioning is Important?

Around 85% of marketers are thriving to achieve an engaging brand experience and almost 80% of B2B marketing executives suggested that branding is highly essential for the growth of the organization, which clearly mentions how important is brand positioning. Apart from influencing customer’s perception of the brand, brand positioning have significant roles in your business in these four different ways.

Market Differentiation

Demonstrating the relevance and uniqueness of your product or service gives a competitive edge for your business. When you make a different approach to how your product or service serves the current demand of the customers in a particular different from the competitors, people will start to notice and recognize your brand.

Easy Purchase Decisions

By clearly mentioning the usage and benefits of your product or service on your website, you are helping your customers to resolve all the queries about the brand and the product and which leads to making purchases seamless.

Value Confirmation

A strong brand never needs to make war with the competitors about the pricing. Instead of that, they put a high value on their products and brands and which makes customers buy it no matter what.

Magnified Messaging

The brand positioning of your website demands compelling and attractive content. By having a solid vision, you can uplift your marketing strategies further to solidify your position among the competitors.

Discover Our Process of Brand Positioning

Brand Identity​

Being a creative branding company, we at NV Digital Marketing try to put forward a resilient brand identity which is the main pillar of your business success. With the strong appeal and combination of powerful content, customers will connect with the brand with head and heart. Effective and unique brand identity will help you to stand out from the competitors. Our design and development process incorporates the narrow down of areas of potential innovative development. Based on your brand’s vision, mission and values we build a precise personality. The importance of consistent communication with the customers, again this is achieved with a dedicated and user-friendly website.

Positioning Core Values​

At NV Digital Marketing, we the importance of a well-positioned brand and how efficaciously it can communicate with the target audience in a unique and engaging manner. These advantages also offer core values to flow from genuine vision, mission, and values. Positioning the brand including shaping your website according to the fact that customers are highly knowledgeable, so the website is designed with accurate description which makes the purchase easier.

Brand Promise​

A brand promise is a word that you need to serve your niche market. More than your product and services, what you can serve to your customers decides your brand promise. It may be something rational, emotional, or even an experience. It will enhance the comforts of customers through trustworthy and loyal services.

Positioning Products and Services​

In positioning products and services, we focused to place a relevant value for both in the minds of customers. It is a key factor that makes your brand different from the rest. Successful positioning has a major impact on well-planned marketing strategies. Hence positioning the product or service will have a great impact on your business success. Once your brand gets a robust position, then you will get the capability to control the niche market and can narrate alluring descriptions for your product and services.

How our SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies Helps in Brand Positioning?

Your brand positioning is a reflection of how your audience feels about you. Hence we focus on different ways to make the potential audience feel good about your brand. SEO and Digital marketing are the main two pillars through who has enhanced the brand visibility and positioning to create a better perspective about your brand among customers. Through our SEO services, we focused on optimizing contents and thrive generate more traffic and leads. Improving social network performance also plays an important part in brand visibility.

Your website is the prime factor through which we improve the brand positioning by SEO. Every brand has its own brand story. We use such a journey to connect with an audience and it also helps in engaging different senses in your audience’s mind. Once they start recognizing your brand and your website as your brand identity, you will eventually get positioned better on the Search engine results page (SERP).

Digital marketing is another strategic was which we enhance brand visibility. The more targeted and planned we are with the digital marketing tools, the more visibility we will accomplish. Here also the fundamental step toward brand positioning and visibility lies on your brand’s website. If you don’t have a powerful and dedicated website then you already lose your battle in brand positioning. Your brand will never be ranked better on the Search engine results page if it doesn’t have a well-functioned website.

Along with this, people may find your service unprofessional, scammy, untrustworthy, and incompetent if it lacks a well-defined website, even if your brand is already established offline. Both SEO and digital marketing are mandatory for developing brand visibility. That’s why here at NV Digital Marketing, we focused on providing the best and right SEO and digital marketing service that helps in providing incredible organic growth and boost your brand positioning.

In digital marketing, we provide advanced services to enhance brand visibility by means of Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, Instagram Marketing, and more. All these advanced paid marketing methods to help you get to the potential users you want to commune with, occupy them, and transform them into loyal customers. An outsourcing service provider like us can bestow more brand recognization and organic traffic to your website that will enhance the sales cycle and productivity. Our brand-building team will offer overall business growth through better branding positioning even with affordable pricing.

Our Unique Strategies in Improving the Brand Positioning

Relevant Research​

Relevant research will conduct to check the techniques and methods your competitors are using, which helps to know how effectively it works, the recent updates in the digital world, changes in customer behavior, all these approaches will help us in reaching your brand to such a position that customers will pay more attention and favor in your business.


Your brand position show what your brand is all about, how trustworthy it is, so we inspire you to provide an authentic identity to your brand. Here we include the story of your growth which incorporates your vision, mission, and core values. This approach makes your brand looks more relatable and trustworthy.

Rebuild Accordingly​

After reaching a resilient brand position doesn’t mean that our task is completed. Here we are always ready to welcome new changes. With constant analysis and reporting, we reduce all the errors which may become a barrier to reach the target audience. With a keen focus on current trends and adaptation, we rebuild the brand positioning if necessary. is completed. Here we are always ready to welcome new changes. With constant analysis and reporting, we reduce all the errors which may become a barrier to reach the target audience. With a keen focus on current trends and adaptation, we rebuild the brand positioning if necessary.

Listen to the Customers​

We never set the brand positioning only according to your business needs, considering the needs of your customers is also necessary. For that, we listen to your customers and understand what they want to convey. This is achieved by conducting surveys, set up focus groups, or even talk directly with the customers.

Refocusing the Statement​

It is a necessary step because people often forget the main motive behind brand positioning once they started doing it. So if the statement lost the focus, it is necessary to recollect or even restart the research and to ensure that you are on the right track. Most agencies skip this step to cut down the wastage of time whether their process ends up in success or not. But for us, checking each and every step towards success is necessary.

A/B Test​

It is quite to check the brand positioning for small or start-ups businesses, in such cases we never leave the responsibility of providing the best for them. Here we use the help of paid ads to A/B test to check the generic statement about your business. Even after building your initial brand positioning, we focused to remain flexible and welcome to do fine-tune your brand positioning to make sure a perfect and the best customer acknowledgment and relationship for your brand.