Benchmarking and Reporting

LinkedIn is one of the top professional, social, and career networking platform with more than 660 million members in more than 200 countries. 94% of B2B marketers quoted that LinkedIn is efficacious in generating leads and 49% of its users recommended companies as more trustworthy when they use LinkedIn platforms.

How do you measure your SEO performance?

When your business highly depends on the online presence and your website, evaluating its performance consistently is necessary to check whether you invested in the right thing or not. Also, it can help in changing or updating marketing strategies before wasting much time. The best way is to accomplish it by using SEO benchmarking and reporting.

Let’s check how SEO benchmarking helps in better analyzing your website.

What is Benchmarking?

SEO benchmarking is a method to compare your website and assets to that of your competitors to change the marketing strategies accordingly. Benchmarking is a type of competitive analysis to understand the performance and set your business goals according to the niche domain. In benchmarking various tools are used like key performance indicators (KPI), social shares, Alexa ranking, visitor engagement, etc. It also provides data about the SEO strategies and campaigns that are not properly working. For example, if 30% of the online success is generated by some major pages of your website, you can find out the success factors on such pages and maintain it. While you can either enhance or replace other pages accordingly.

But before moving to benchmarking, there are certain metrics that you need to understand how it works and how such techniques are important for brand growth. Without setting goals and business objectives there is no point in doing SEO benchmarking and analysis. For tracking the website performance choosing the matrics are essential. This matrix helps in analyzing the website performance and with time is it growing or declining.

Facebook marketing is essential because it helps businesses with the potential to accomplish target audiences. According to Facebook, its targeted marketing is 88% accurate. Facebook also offers an array of advertising options such as lead generation, conversions, engagement, traffic, and many more to meet the needs and preferences of individual advertisers.

How Benchmarking and Reporting are Done?

Most of the marketers used benchmarking techniques to improve the functionality of the website. You will get an answer to the questions like what is the average session time of your website? Which pages of your website work well? Which has the least click-through rate? The answers to all these relevant questions can be easily determined with benchmarking and reporting methods. Once you define the metrics, you will data as a form of the report and can be evaluated perfectly. It starts with adding your website to the benchmarking accounts like Google Analytics and Google search console. Once this is done, you can define your matrics. Each business has different matrics based on its business goals.

Click-through rate (CTR), impression, conversion rate engagement rate, keyword position, you can fix the matrices based on your needs and prerequisites. Once this is done you can start to analyze the website performance. According to your preference, you can analyze the performance daily, weekly or monthly. To get an overall idea, it is recommended to analyze the performance monthly with huge data. The displaying of these matrics is called reporting. Just like is report card shows the performance of a child, the reporting method shows all the finest details about the website accurately. Such reports are highly necessary to take result-driven decisions for future campaigns and you also find errors in your website which leads to a poor user experience.

Which are the Top Matrices in SEO Benchmarking and Reporting?

If you want to analyze the performance of your website, it is necessary to analyze the right set of matrices. SEO matrices or key performance indicators (KPIs) show the measurable values of the progress of your brand’s website. So let’s see some important matrices that you need to include in your SEO benchmarking.

Backlinks and Referring Domain

Backlinks are necessary for building domain authority. Your backlink and referring domain profile are extremely important. The quality of backlinks decides the growth of the website. High-quality backlinks can make your brand grow better but at the same time, bad backlinks can make your website get penalized by the search engines. The matrix for backlinks shows the number of backlinks that you are received per day, week, or month.

Organic Traffic

This is one simple matrix that we use in SEO benchmarking. The number of organic traffic is more important than any other matrix. If you found a constant increase in the organic traffic matrix, then you can assure that your strategies are working on the right path. But don’t expect an instant miracle in the beginning, because SEO is a time-consuming process.

Domain Authority

The domain authority of your website shows the relevance or importance of your brand in the niche market. Domain authority can be easily measured using SEMRush and Google Analytics tools. These matrices are not describing how your website is ranked on the SERP but instead show how your website is ranked against your competitors, so don’t get confused by the figures displayed by these matrices. Apart from observing your website’s performance, you can also check the high domain authority of your competitors in the niche market.

Keyword Position

The keyword is another important factor that has the potential to bring N number of audience to your website. But it a fact that not all keywords work well for your brand. With the SEO benchmarking and reporting method, you can find out the best keywords that work wonders for your website. In this matrix, each keyword will be displayed along with its ranking positions and the traffic it generates. This overview gives an idea about the whole performance of the keywords and you can even find which are your potential keywords. You can use these keywords for generating more traffic and visibility for your brand.

Why Choose Us?

At NV Digital Marketing, we uphold the fact that providing the complete picture of the campaigns and strategies to our clients is the best way to succeed in the domain. Our process starts with a comprehensive site analysis that includes the website positioning and competitive analysis, which helps in evaluating the website’s strengths and weaknesses. Our initial benchmarking process provides reports that allow you to deeply track the progress of the campaign and the strategies that you used in every campaign. Our techniques have total transparency which allows you to feel confident about our strategies and that are working best for your brand.

After that, we offer the finest details through monthly or weekly reports about our progress on an ongoing basis, including on-page and off-page performance reports. With our SEO benchmarking and reporting methods, we provide effective insights which show you the progress of the campaign.

Services we included in our process:

How our Benchmarking and Reporting Service Work?

Our process includes multiple tasks which ensure productive outcomes for your brand.

Evaluating the current status

Our expert team evaluates your website or your social media business profile thoroughly to identify the current status and what are things it is lacking. In-depth knowledge about your website as well as the social media platform will help us customize effective and efficient strategies that are best suited for your asset.

Benchmarking the relevant data

Once the initial stage of analyzing the current status is done, we moved to an in-depth study of your website or social media platform. Here involves the benchmarking of relevant data like click-through rate that you received, impression, user engagement with your website, keyword ranking, growth in organic as well as paid traffic, and more. In short, every single element will be dissected and analyzed. Our proficient team will generate a well-defined strategy and rebuild your website and social media tactics according to the new and improved strategy to its finest level and examine the growth for next month or based on your need. Monthly data is benchmarked and if necessary changes are also implemented.


Reporting is never an easy task if requires a high level of knowledge in providing the complex data into the simple structure in the form of easily understandable matrics. Here we use Google data studio to provide a sophisticated and detailed report to our clients. We sync all the different reports into one reporting experience and which helps our clients to a more informative and visually appealing dashboard. Since Google data studio is connected to all data sources like Think Google, Facebook, LinkedIn our clients will get a real-time integration of the data. From such detailed and easily interpreting reporting, they can measure the growth before and after our services accurately. Get an in-depth awareness of your SEO performance with our robust benchmarking and reporting services. Contact us today!