Search Engine Optimization

Are your competitors heading you on Google?
Thinking of how to be at the top of the search list?

Running an SEO campaign might probably help you sort out the real problem. Know where your strategy is going wrong and fix it well to beat your competitors.

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A well-optimized website will win sales, grow trust, and lowers acquisition costs.  SEO optimization can help your website become the most trusted at the same time most discoverable among the targeted eyes.

NV Digital Marketing team will help you build the right strategy for your website and be at the top-notch among your competitors. We will help you grow with a brave and bold SEO strategy.

Website audit and analysis

Knowing the areas of improvement and creating a step by step action plan is of primary importance in SEO. It is well known that Google updates the search algorithm many times a year. Hence even if your search engine is optimized a couple of months before, it may remain outdated now. It is necessary to update your search engine at least twice a year to keep it updated.

We will help you keep your website updated and reach a better ranking.

We begin with an SEO Audit.

Our SEO Auditor will analyze where the updations are to be done and then we proceed accordingly.  We work on every nook and corner of your search engine to know why your website is being backdropped by the competitors. Upon analysis, we will get a clear picture of where the improvisations are to be done to improve your ranking and gain the trust of your sales leads.

Site performance enhancement

The speed of your webpages may be lagging you from being at the top.

Latency issues may be drastically dropping down your webpage performance. Viewer’s time is precious for them as well as for us. If your page takes a longer time to load, they will instantly skip on to another link which loads within a split of a second. Similar is the case if your web page is not mobile-friendly. Most people search on a smartphone rather than a PC. Fixing this issue requires professionalism and expertise. We assure you to clear the latency issues of every URL of your webpage and make it mobile-friendly.

Keyword research and analysis

Does your website contain the exact phrase keywords searched by a user?
If not then how will your website be shown by the search engine?

Knowing the keywords searched by the people and including them on your website is crucial in SEO. Researching on the keyword requires experience and we have it in our hands.

Our mode of action:

  • Analysis phase:  We analyze your website to get an understanding of the keywords used and their potential. Using the exact phrase a user search for is to be included to get the optimum result.
  • Research phase: We research the best-suited keywords according to your niche and the content included. We work on different related topics and find seed keywords and study their search intent. Keyword research will help us identify your competitors and the potential of the keywords that can be targeted.
  • Implementation phase: Upon research, we choose the strongest keywords that meet your marketing goals and abundantly include them on your website. This includes the use of potential keywords in the title and the use of semantically related keywords.
  • Evaluation phase: We evaluate the progress of your website after SEO and keep looking for more trending keywords.

Competitor analysis

Do you have an idea of your product’s unique value proposition?
Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor’s strategy?

Having a look at your competitor’s site is important to know why you are outperformed. We dig deep into your competitor’s sites and analyze the various aspects and marketing strategies they use. Hence we can set up the best strategy that will clear our way to the top. We will help your product consistently meet and exceed the industry standards and stay at the top of the list.

What we do:

  1. Fix your competitors and know their products.
  2. Research your competitor’s sales tactics, such as pricing, offers, etc.
  3. Research on their marketing strategies.
  4. Analyze the contents of your competitor’s site to know their content strategy and how they promote their products.
  5. Analyze their social media activities.
  6. Perform a SWOT analysis
On-page SEO

Your webpage is the interface between your user and the search engine. Only if what you serve through your webpage is understandable by the search engine and the user, the page will be ranked top. This requires deep knowledge and understanding of the tactics to be used to convince the search engine and be at the top.

Our professional experts will perform the best on-page SEO changes to meet the required standards. We work on your content like titles, descriptions, images, multimedia elements, and their formatting to make it better in the quality and look. We also optimize your URL, links, page loading speed and mobile-friendliness to provide a better user experience. We make an overall change to your page to make it excel in quality and give the users a fresh experience.

Technical SEO

The infrastructure of your website also plays a crucial role in keeping your website on the top of the list. Underlying problems on the technical side of your page may also be the reason for unexpected results. Technical SEO optimizes your website in a way that helps search engines access, crawl, interpret, and index well. Fixing the technical side once can help you settle a major side of the SEO. While you work on your business side, we will clear the technical aspects of your website.

Benchmarking and reporting

The quality we provide in our SEO services has made us the most reliable partner of our clients.
Benchmarking performance is what we do to mark your performance as well as ours.

How do we work on your report?

  • Before we begin with our SEO campaign, we do deep learning on the current performance of your website.
  • We set up key performance indicators (KPI’s) for your campaign to rate the overall performance.
  • Finally, we build the framework which will help us measure the progress of the SEO campaign. 

So, why not run an SEO Campaign with us?