Keyword Research For PPC Advertising: Best Practices

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If you’re looking to run a successful Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for your business in Dubai, keyword research is a critical component. Most business owners often make the mistake of targeting the wrong keywords for their PPC campaign. Know that targeting the wrong keywords won’t help you to reach the right audience and achieve your desired business goals.

Thus, researching and targeting the right keywords for your campaign is crucial. An effective keyword strategy will act as the water your campaign needs to survive, grow and generate expected results. Targeting the right people will give your campaign better exposure and get your ads in front of the right eyes.

However, if you’re struggling to find the right keywords for your PPC campaign, we’re here to help you! In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best practices that will help you optimize your PPC campaign with the right keywords. So, let’s begin:

Thus, researching and targeting the right keywords for your campaign is crucial. An effective keyword strategy will act as the water your campaign needs to survive, grow and generate expected results. Targeting the right people will give your campaign better exposure and get your ads in front of the right eyes.

1. Define Your Target Audience

The first step in conducting effective keyword research for PPC advertising is to define your target audience. Who are you trying to reach with your advertising? What are their pain points and what are they searching for?

By understanding your target audience, you can identify the keywords that are most relevant to your business and that are likely to drive the most conversions.

2. Use Keyword Research Tools

There are a variety of keyword research tools available that can help you identify relevant keywords for your business.

Tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs can help you identify the search volume, competition, and potential cost-per-click for each keyword. By using these tools, you can identify the most relevant and cost-effective keywords for your PPC campaigns. Also, these tools will help you identify new keyword ideas and suggest long-tail keywords.

You can also seek professional help from a leading PPC advertising agency Dubai like us where the experts will help you find the right keywords for your campaign.

3. Analyze the Competition

Competitor analysis is crucial in any marketing strategy, including PPC. Identify your main competitors and find out what keywords they are targeting.

Conducting a competitor analysis can help you understand what keywords your competitors are targeting and identify gaps in the market where you can focus your PPC efforts. By analyzing your competitors, you can identify keywords that they are targeting that you may have overlooked and identify opportunities to differentiate yourself in the market.

4. Look for Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are highly specific, low-competition keywords that can be highly effective for driving conversions. These keywords might have lower search volumes, but they are also more likely to be highly relevant to your business and its products or services. You can ask any pay-per-click advertising company in Dubai about the importance of targeting long-tail keywords.

For example, if you own a shoe store in Dubai, then targeting short-tail keywords like “Best Shoes” and “High-End Shoes” won’t help you achieve the desired results. This is due to the high competition for short-tail keywords. Instead, you can use long-tail keywords like “Best running shoes for men”, “Best running shoes for daily use”, etc.

By targeting long-tail keywords, you can create highly targeted PPC campaigns that drive conversions while minimizing your costs.

5. Consider the Intent

Consider the intent behind the keywords you are targeting. Are people searching with the intent to purchase, or are they simply looking for information?

This can help you create more targeted ads and landing pages that are tailored to the user’s intent. By creating highly targeted ads and landing pages, you can increase your click-through rates and conversions.

6. Group Your Keywords

Grouping your keywords into ad groups based on themes can help you create more targeted ads and landing pages, which can increase your click-through rates and conversions.

By grouping your keywords, you can create highly targeted ads that are tailored to specific user searches, making them more likely to convert.

7. Test Your Keywords

Testing different variations of your keywords can help you identify which ones are most effective at driving conversions. This can include testing different match types, bid strategies, and ad copy.

By testing your keywords, you can identify which ones are driving the most conversions and adjust your PPC campaigns accordingly.

8. Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can help you filter out irrelevant search terms, reducing the cost of your PPC campaigns and increasing their effectiveness.

For instance, if you’re selling high-end shoes, you may want to exclude keywords such as ‘cheap’ or ‘discount.’ This will help to reduce the cost of your campaigns and ensure that your ads are only shown to users who are likely to convert.

Thus, to make the most out of your PPC campaign, don’t forget to infuse negative keywords in your keyword research strategy.

9. Continuously Monitor and Adjust Your Strategy

The online landscape is constantly changing, and what may have been a relevant keyword today may not be so tomorrow.

Keyword research is an ongoing process and continuously monitoring and adjusting your keyword strategy based on the performance of your campaigns is crucial. So, by regularly monitoring and adjusting your strategy, you can ensure that your PPC campaigns are always highly targeted and effective.

If you’re new to PPC advertising, you can outsource it to the best SEO agency Dubai like us. The experts will take care of all the aspects of your campaign while you can focus on other work that holds great importance.

10. Use a Variety of Keyword Types

Using a variety of keyword types, including broad match, phrase match, and exact match, can help you target a wider range of search queries and increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

By using a variety of keyword types, you can ensure that your ads are shown to users who are highly likely to convert.


Keyword research is an ongoing process that requires constant attention to ensure the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

By following these top tips, you can create a list of relevant keywords that will help you reach your target audience, increase your click-through rates, and ultimately drive more conversions.

We are a leading digital marketing agency Dubai where we offer end-to-end PPC advertising services to our clients globally. We have a team of experts who will assist you in identifying the most effective keywords to reach your target audience, increase click-through rates, and drive conversions. By outsourcing your PPC campaign to us, you can focus on your core competencies, knowing that your PPC strategy is in good hands.

Fill out the inquiry form below and reap the benefits of our top-notch digital marketing services in Dubai.


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