Importance Of YouTube Advertising For Business Growth

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As a business owner in Dubai, you should not limit your marketing strategies to SEO and social media. You should think of creative ways to showcase your products/services to your potential customers. This is where YouTube advertising kicks in.

Ever since its launch in 2005, YouTube has dominated the video-streaming industry and it will continue to do so in the future. It has millions of monthly users who watch videos billions of times. This comes as an opportunity for you to expose yourself to such a large audience.

According to research, around 62% of business owners worldwide leverage YouTube advertising for their business. If you’re in the remaining 38%, then you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities coming your way.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of YouTube advertising and how it can help you skyrocket your business growth. So, let’s get into it:

1. Reach A Wider Audience

Being the #1 video-streaming platform, YouTube will help your business get good exposure to the internet world. Not only will it give you the local audience, but also help your business to reach the audience across the globe.

If you haven’t leveraged the power of YouTube advertising yet, then it’s high time to do so. You can seek professional help from a leading YouTube advertising agency Dubai where experts will help you produce viral content for your business.

YouTube is growing with each passing day, and leveraging the power of this platform can help you expand your reach and grow your customer base.

2. Rank Higher On Search Engines

When you enter your query on search engines like Google, you may have noticed Youtube videos appearing in the results. This shows that Google also considers videos as important as text-only pages.

While you’re already creating great written content to make your website rank higher, make sure to produce quality YouTube videos to rank higher on search engines. When you leverage YouTube advertising, you can also increase your website’s domain authority. The more authoritative your website is, the better.

However, to create effective YouTube videos, you can consult a YouTube advertising agency Dubai like us. We’ll help you produce and market your videos in the right way so that it reaches a wider audience.

3. Leverage The Power Of YouTube Ads

Simply creating videos and uploading them on YouTube isn’t enough. You’ll hardly get any views if you don’t promote it well.

However, one of the cost-effective ways to reach a wider audience and get more views is to run paid ads on YouTube. Regardless of your business type, you can promote your business through video ads on YouTube to increase your customer base.

However, if you’re new to YouTube ads, then you can seek professional help from a PPC advertising agency Dubai where experts will help you run and optimize the campaign. Know that video ads can get organic growth, too. When your videos will get organic interaction, it will broaden your advertisement reach, resulting in lower cost per action.

4. Build Your Email List

Another benefit of YouTube advertising is that you can build your email list from it. There are tons of software available which allow you to embed your sign-up form directly into YouTube videos. A video will pause for some time and allow the users to enter their information and subscribe to your list.

This is one of the best strategies to build your email list while providing quality content to the users. Some of the most common ways to build your email list include lead magnets, annotations, cards, and YouTube ads.

5. Encourages People To Take Action

As a business marketer, you already know the importance of adding a clear call-to-action (CTA) in social media posts, blogs, and other online content. Your videos on YouTube are no different.

Believe it or not, YouTube videos are more effective than other types of digital content when it comes to viewers taking action. According to research, CTA in a video is 380% more effective than a regular CTA. Well, that’s huge!

When adding CTA in your videos, think about your goals. What are you expecting from your customers? Is it about signing up for a newsletter? Or shop using your discount code? No matter what your goals are, adding CTA to your videos is always worth it.

6. Get Higher Conversion Rates

Today, most people prefer to watch a video on a topic instead of reading long-form text content. Why? Because video content evokes emotions more than any other form of content. Video content has the potential to bring your business to life.

Also, you can easily build trust among your customers through YouTube advertising. Videos are engaging and they can boost your conversion rates by 80%. That’s the power of video content.

Summing Up

YouTube is one of the biggest video-streaming platforms which allows business owners to showcase their businesses to the world. However, there’s neck-to-neck competition on this platform.

You can expect to get millions of views overnight just by uploading a video. Doing proper research, finding the right keywords, and optimizing your channel can go a long way in helping your business to grow.

We are one of the leading digital marketing agency Dubai where we help business owners to enter the world of video marketing. Our team of experts can help you produce quality video content for YouTube and optimize it to make it reach a wider audience.

Fill out the inquiry form below and we’ll reach out to you with the best YouTube advertising strategies for your business.

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