Google’s Switch To Mobile First Indexing: 5 Tips For Better Rankings

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In 2021, Google announced that it will stop crawling desktop-friendly websites and will prefer to rank only mobile-friendly sites. Therefore, for business marketers in Dubai, it has become crucial to optimize their websites for mobile users.

According to Google, around 70% of all ranking websites are crawled with the mobile user agent. Soon the mobile Google Crawler will be sent out to every website, whether it is mobile-friendly or not.

However, if you have been slow in website optimization, now is the time to take action. As mobile search continues to rise, Google and the other search engines will prefer to crawl, index, and rank mobile-friendly websites.

What Is Mobile-First Indexing?

Mobile-first indexing means Google will prefer to index mobile-friendly websites.

In September 2020, Google announced they were switching over to mobile-first indexing. Google announced a decision in March 2021 that was much welcomed by business marketers.

Hence, this official update from Google has urged business marketers to implement the best website optimization strategies to get higher rankings in search engines.
With that said, if you’re a new business owner and don’t know where to start, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Here we will discuss some of the best website optimization practices to optimize your website for Google’s mobile-first indexing.

Improve Your Website’s Loading Speed

A website’s speed matters a lot, especially in the eCommerce industry. Today, users expect websites to load fast, and so does Google. Therefore, it is wise to implement the best practices to make sure your site loads fast on mobile.

However, to make it easier for you, here are a few things to consider during your website optimization process.

  • Optimize images. Try to reduce the size of your images. Large images can make the website slow.
  • Minify code. Remove all unnecessary characters from the source code without altering its functionality.
  • Leverage browser caching. Browser caching stores web files on a local computer when a user visits a web page.
  • Reduce redirects. Too many redirects can slow down the website.

Optimizing your website may sound challenging, but it becomes easier when you have the best SEO agency Dubai by your side. The experts will help you streamline your website optimization process.

Allow Googlebot To Access And Render Your Website Content

Here are some of the simple steps involved in this point, which are as follows:

  • Use the same meta tag on both sites. It is the default setting on most websites.
  • Google can see any slow-loading content.
  • Don’t block specific URLs with the disallow directive.

Use Same Content On Every Device

Remember – your mobile site should contain the same content as your desktop site. Google says you must have the same content on both sites; otherwise, you may lose some traffic when that page is indexed. This content would no longer be evaluated for rankings.

So, use the same content on all websites – be it mobile or desktop. Meta tags, titles, descriptions, images, videos, and links should also be the same.

Use A Responsive Web Design

Using a responsive website design is the key to ranking your website and enhancing the users’ experience.

A design that makes your web content adapt to different devices with no duplicate source code for the same content on different devices, and just one URL. This doesn’t mean that webmasters have to hurry to get their m-dot domain converted to attractive web designing.

Google will continue to support both URLs. This would be the ideal long-term SEO ranking strategy.

Here are some of the benefits of using responsive website design:

  • Get higher rankings
  • Enhance the users’ shopping experience
  • Earn more traffic
  • Keep the visitors engaged
  • Save time and money

Check Visual Content

On your website, add high-quality but compressed images so that it appears clearly on all devices. However, experts emphasize avoiding image URLs that affect the website’s speed.

Also, add alt text in all the images, the descriptive titles, captions, filenames on both sites.


So are you ready to optimize your website for mobile?

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