Google Ads: Strategies To Improve Lead Quality


Let’s face it: Google ads can do wonders for any business. Running paid campaigns is one of the best ways to boost traffic and conversion rates.

While the PPC campaign is worth an investment for every business, it works well for startups. For instance, you have just started your online store in Dubai. In that case, you can’t expect hundreds and thousands of traffic on your website on the very first day.

However, not every startup has a budget to spend on paid ads and they prefer to get organic traffic through SEO. SEO is a great practice, but it is time-consuming.

Generating leads with PPC campaigns can be tricky. For that reason, seeking professional help from experts offering Google ads services can be your wise move. They will help you increase your ROI, whether you spend $20 or $20,000 per month.

So, if you are a new business owner and don’t know where to start, don’t panic!

Here we will discuss some of the best PPC advertising strategies to improve lead quality. So, let’s begin:

1.Improve Your Landing Page

Your landing page is the first thing that visitors will interact with after clicking your ad. So, If you’re running a lead-generating PPC campaign, this page should allow your visitors to take the action that you want.

In a PPC ad campaign, your website layout, design, and information matter a lot. Let’s say, if users find your website less informative or he/she is not impressed by its layout, they are less likely to submit their details on your website.

Therefore, while running paid ads, you need to consider the following points:

  • Website Speed

When users click on your ad, they expect the website to load faster. However, if your website has slow loading pages, it will frustrate the users and they are more likely to jump on to other websites, resulting in increasing your website’s bounce rate. However, professionals offering Google ads services in Dubai can help you optimize your website and improve its speed.

  • Navigation

Make your website easy to navigate for visitors. When they visit your website, they expect to be taken to a page that matches exactly what they searched for.

  • Add Clear CTAs

In addition to having a professional and fast-loading site, ensure to add clear CTAs (Call-To-Actions). By doing this, it will be easier for visitors to get in touch with you.

2. Target More Specific Keywords

Indeed, keywords are the backbone of PPC advertising. They determine who you will get in front of, which landing pages you should use, and so on. To identify the right keywords, it is wise to seek help from professionals of a reputable digital marketing agency in Dubai offering the best Google ads services.

When working to improve lead quality, consider revisiting your keywords.

  • Use Long-Tail Keywords

You can improve your lead quality by finding those who know what they want, and long-tail keywords are one of the best ways to attract them.

As compared with short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords have high search volume and low competition – which means ranking your website can become easier. For example, the competition for “Digital marketing agency in UAE” is much less than “Digital marketing company”.

However, if you run an eCommerce store, it is wise to target only long-tail keywords. For example, instead of using “best shoes”, you can target “best shoes in new York”.

  • Match Types

Like keyword length, match types can play a big part in enhancing lead quality. Exact and phrase match allows for the most control in keyword matching.

Nothing is perfect. Choose what’s right for your business, but don’t be afraid to make changes in your campaign over time.

3. Optimize Your Ad For Mobile Devices

Today, as more and more people access the internet via their smartphones, it is crucial to optimize your PPC campaign for mobile devices.

It’s a lot easier to convert mobile users who click your Google ads, whether on the search networks or display networks, because of the level of familiarity that a mobile device offers.

Additionally, the click-to-call feature in mobile browsers can do wonders for your business.

Here are some of the ways to optimize your PPC advertising campaign for mobile devices:

  • Upgrade to expanded text ads
  • Use the right ad extensions for mobile
  • Write effective mobile ads
  • Your mobile landing page matches your ad.

However, to make things easier, it is wise to seek professional help from PPC agency Dubai which offers top-notch Google ads services.


To generate more leads through Google ad management services, enhancing your landing page and regularly monitoring your ad campaigns is the key.

We are a leading B2B marketing agency in Dubai where we offer an end-to-end Google advertising service to our clients globally. With our expertise in Google ads services, you will be able to increase your ROI, no matter how much you spend.

Fill out the inquiry form below and our team will reach out with the top-notch PPC advertising plan!

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