Corporate Website Design: How To Attract More Customers

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A Corporate website is a digital portfolio of your business in Dubai and it should be in optimal condition. After all, a website plays a crucial role in making or breaking a first impression on the customers. Apart from having a responsive design, your website should deliver more value to the customers.

Today, business owners must focus on creating responsive websites to enhance the customer experience. Embracing a customer-centric approach is essential for business owners to gain a competitive edge and outrank their competitors.

Moreover, an effective website design can impact the customers’ decision whether to put their trust in your brand or not. With that said, this article will discuss some of the important aspects of your website that you should keep in mind to attract more customers. So, let’s jump in:

1. Keep It Simple

Creating a responsive and professional website doesn’t mean adding attractive sliders, pop-ups, and banners. It is wise to know that you only have 50 milliseconds to impress the visitors to your website. So, you have got a limited time to impress them and don’t waste their time by showing numerous types of content.

Instead, keep it simple. Make your website easy to use and your visitors get the right information about a product/service they are looking for. Striking colors, heavyweight galleries, and other types of content can overwhelm the visitors and may affect your overall website loading speed. This can result in a bad customer experience.

So, the key here is to go for simplicity. If designing a website seems like a task, you can outsource your project to a leading corporate website design company in Dubai where corporate website designers can help you create a responsive website for your business.

2. Implement Good SEO

A website without SEO is like a car without fuel. It won’t move. When you implement the right strategy of SEO for corporate websites, you can easily climb up to the higher rankings in the search engines.

To initiate your website SEO journey, do some research and find the right keywords related to your business niche. If you are a startup owner, it is recommended to target long-tail keywords. It is because they have a high search volume and low competition. By using long-tail keywords, you can increase the chances of getting ranked higher in search engines.

On the other hand, short-tail keywords have high competition. And as a new business owner, using short-tail keywords won’t help you generate better results. So, try to research the long-tail keywords related to your business.

Once you are done with your keyword research, make sure to infuse those keywords all over your website content, including blogs, web content, meta description, meta title, etc. However, you can streamline your keyword research and SEO process by hiring professional SEO services in UAE from a reputable SEO agency Dubai. The experts will help you find the right keywords and generate better SEO results beyond your expectations.

3. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

Have you ever looked at your website from different screens? How does it look? Does it perform the same as it does on the computers? If you answered NO, then it’s time to optimize your website.

A well-optimized website can run smoothly on all screens. Today, more and more users use their mobile devices to access a website. However, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you will leave tons of opportunities on the table. So, don’t lose sales because your website isn’t mobile-friendly. To outrank your competitors and attract customers, consider creating a corporate website by optimizing it for mobile users.

4. Don’t Overlook The Business Basics

Do you know why most businesses fail to attract customers? They lack all the basic information about their business, including business address, contact number, location, email address, working hours, etc.

When creating a website, make sure to add all the basic information about your business near the top of the home page. Also, make sure to add accurate information so that the customers can easily get in touch with your business. Moreover, you need to make sure that your information is accurate on your business listing. Google prefers to rank a website that has the right business directories.

5. Content Is The Key

While creating a responsive and corporate website design is great, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of your website content. The more informative and relevant your content is, the better. Users love to have the information at their fingertips. If you make it easier for them by creatively providing the right information, you will be successful in enhancing your conversion rate.

Make it easier for customers to understand your brand – who you are, what you do, and what customers can expect from you. Your content will speak for your brand for the years to come. Also, make sure to choose the right logo and tagline which is extremely important for your corporate website.

So, try to engage the customers first and educate them with your compelling content later.

6. Keep It Updated

Apart from creating a responsive website, make sure to keep it up to date. Regularly check the broken links and update your content. Also, make sure that you redirect broken links to relevant pages on your site.


If you are looking to attract customers, you should not overall the importance of your website design. It can work wonders for your business, regardless of the industry.

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