Core Web Vitals: Page Speed Is Now More Important for SEO

For any business that owns a website, the ultimate objective is to expand its reach and achieve quantifiable results. The goal is to succeed in the long run by creating a rich user experience that drives more sales. Even developers have started to understand the increasing need for page speed and how it is important for SEO. But how do you measure the effectiveness of your website in fulfilling its purpose? How do you identify the areas of possible improvement? 

One of the main reasons why viewers might leave your website is the load time. This is exactly why you need to work on your PageSpeed.  Google offers a wide range of tools that, if optimally used; can help measure your web performance and allow you to control your results in a better way. With skilled developers who know how to make the most of these tools, you can improve your website to a great level. 

Web Vitals is a metrics that offers assistance to businesses by indicating necessary signals that help in delivering a better user experience on your website.

With the help of these metrics, you can easily understand your current level of performance. Core Web Vitals is a useful metrics that help you enrich the user experience. With the support of a web developer and an SEO specialist, you can enhance the site performance by implementing the report from PageSpeed insights. These metrics will summarize your website’s functionality into easy terms such as ‘good’, ‘needs improvement’, or ‘poor’ which are basic to understand. 

These metrics simplify the overall scenario to the owners of the site and make it easy for them to focus on the problem areas instead of hunting down the wrong bushes. They work on all the web pages and measure its outcome that is user-oriented. As per sources, Google will soon use Page speed and Core Web Vitals to rank web pages shortly. When you improve the PageSpeed based on your website’s CWV, it will indicate your ranking signals for SERP rankings.  

Core Web Vitals

Currently, three facets are covered under Core Web Vitals- Page loading, its interactivity, and visual stability and they use the respective metrics to assess; Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift. 

To understand what the metrics examine in your web pages, here’s an explanation:

· LCP: It evaluates the loading performance of the page. If LCP results within 2.5 seconds from the moment you open the page, your web page is said to deliver a good experience to users. Usually, it’s a featured image on the website that is considered to play a big role here. 

· FID: To check whether your website is interactive to users, your web page FID must be less than or around 100 milliseconds. You can think of it as responsiveness too. It is time taken for the website to respond when user interacts with it, like clicks a button or selects an option to view the page. It may disinterest users when the website doesn’t respond. 

· CLS: If your web page can maintain a CLS of less than 0.1, then you can call it visually stable. It constantly measures how the content and images move and adjust around while displaying. It doesn’t please users if the content moves here and there while they are trying to click on something. 

You must ensure you meet the benchmark of the above-listed metrics to prove your website offers a great user experience. If you pass the target percentile at 75th for your pages, your website is surely hitting all the right notes. 

How do you measure your Core Web Vitals?

According to Google, Core Web Vitals are an essential part of website enhancement. One way to find the report is to view it under Google’s Search Console. A common way is to view the report through PageSpeed insights using this link: PageSpeed Insights  This report will give you insights into the exact problem areas and the pages that need improvement. When you use this report to resolve the issues and work on improvising them, you end up gaining higher rankings in Google search results. So, it makes your web assessment easier by focusing on key result areas. This is why CWV is gaining more importance over hiring an SEO company to improve website rankings. 

Core Web Vitals

Also make sure to test your CWV using field data that uses real user based information. Based on devices, network variations and other real factors, the measurement report it provides is more reliable.

Important things to know about Core Web Vitals:

· If you are wondering how you can lead in SERP rankings then measure the CWV for a mobile version of your web pages. Google uses mobile speed signals to index web pages. So make sure the data you use, aligns with Google’s criteria.

· If you do not meet the 75th percentile target on your report, the metrics will indicate negatively even if a small chunk of web users are in the ‘poor’ category and the majority are experiencing a ‘good’ web page response. 

· All your web pages are examined using metrics, given the fact that there is enough data to base on. Else the report will be based on the summary of your overall website.  

· These metrics used to assess web pages keep changing with better techniques for measurement coming up. Keep yourself updated with the latest tools used for the assessment of your web performance. 

· Under PageSpeed Insights, if you check the Diagnostics area, you will find the loopholes you need to work on. It suggests a way to deal with the issues that appeared in the report.  

As most things about the website are technical, you might want to discuss the issues with a web developer. But here are some tips that could help you prevent some issues:

  • To make sure the text and images on web pages do not keep moving around, add the image dimensions when you develop code for the website.  This will help the browser to understand how much space is required and it will adjust its loading accordingly at once.

  • It annoys users when the content shifts down due to ad coverage. To avoid this, use containers which are boxes allotted for ads on your website. So even if the ads load slowly, the content will remain intact and allow readers to have an uninterrupted experience.

  • If your website has a worldwide reach, you can take help of CDN servers. Ask your web developers to use Content Delivery Networks to make sure users across the world experience the same web page loading experience.

  • Since images are most often the reason for slow load times, you can resolve it compressing the images using on your website.

Core Web Vitals


You can provide a better user experience using Core Web Vitals. Page Speed is a huge dimension now and only web developers can have a broad understanding of its implementation. In simpler words, CWV indicates how fast your website loads, if the images and content you used on the web page keep bouncing around and how long it takes to start using when you first open the website on your device.

If you are spending resources and time in giving the best internet experience to your audience, consider CWV as an important tool. Well, if you don’t you will start to understand its importance soon as it will definitely affect your rankings. In other words, Google will only allow those websites that have hit the right targets with all its criteria. To improve the overall user experience, they will rank websites based on PageSpeed and you don’t want to lose the battle.

So, use Google Search Console to view the CWV report to fight regressions and improve your website performance. 

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