Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies for Tech Companies on a Budget

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If you found this article, you probably are looking for ways to improve your technology marketing plan to outrank your competitors. Indeed, with the introduction of modern technologies, the tech industry in Dubai has become more competitive than ever. However, to sustain your business in this competitive marketplace, digital marketing for tech companies can do wonders for your business.

When it comes to marketing online, you will find a long list of top effective digital marketing strategies and marketing ideas for tech companies. But, quality over quantity matters a lot. For that reason, picking the right strategy from this list is crucial.
So, are you looking to improve your technology marketing plan? You have arrived at the right place! Here we will discuss some of the best strategies of digital marketing for tech companies that can help you gain a competitive edge on a budget. So, let’s get started.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Tech Companies

1. Video Marketing

Video content is a powerful marketing tool that is extremely prevalent for tech companies. By leveraging video marketing, tech companies introduce themselves and what services they have to offer. Here are some of the ways how tech companies can use video marketing in their digital marketing strategy:

  • Stories – People love stories. You can create a video introducing your company, how you get started, and what are the challenges you faced during the initial stages. This is one of the best ways to retain users.
  • Fun Videos – You are a tech company – it doesn’t mean you can’t create funny and engaging content. In fact, people are more likely to engage with fun content than a plain video.
  • Tutorials – This can include things like tutorials on how to use your solution, product demos, or “how-to” style videos.

To streamline the video creation process, seeking professional help from a reputable digital marketing agency in Dubai can be a better option.

2. Influencer Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing for tech companies, most business owners often neglect the importance of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing plays a crucial role in building trust among customers. Today, users are more likely to buy a product/service when their favorite influencer recommends it.

Here are some key points to remember before crafting your influencer marketing strategy:

  • Identify Target Buyers – You need to identify who your target audience is, and what type of content they are more likely to engage with.
  • Find The Right Influencer – Once you understand your audience, it’s time to find the right influencer that your target audience is following.
  • Establish a Strong Online Presence – Building social credibility is crucial. Otherwise, no influencer will be interested to work with you.

So, where can you find the right influencers for your business? Well, there are several tools and platforms you can use, including FollowWonk, BuzzStream, Onalytica, etc.

3. Live Event Integration

In the post-pandemic world, face-to-face interactions will become much more important. While tech companies can leverage digital channels for marketing, most business owners want to get to know their partners in person.

Here are 3 reasons to integrate live events with your digital marketing efforts:

  • Branding And Awareness – Needless to say, live events can help any business to increase its brand awareness. It allows you to showcase your business and describe your business history.
  • Lead Generation – Through live events, you can reach out to key prospects well in advance to drive attendance. During the events, have systems in place to collect the prospects’ basic details.
  • Customer Engagement – Live events are one of the best ways to meet and informally greets customers. You will also learn about them on a personal level and discover if there are any potential up-sell opportunities.

Encourage your employees to promote the event on every social media platform to boost engagement. Here, you can seek professional marketing agencies for tech companies to streamline the event planning process.

4. Existing Customer Remarketing

Most companies miss the opportunity by not putting a thorough plan, especially for customer remarketing. Staying at the top of the customers’ minds can do wonders for your tech business through referrals or word of mouth.

Here are three ways that you can remarket to increase the lifetime value of existing customers:

  • Customer Portals – How you design and maintain your customer portal can contribute to ongoing marketing efforts to your current customers. Once a user logs in, you can announce things like new products, alert users to live events, etc.
  • Nurturing Programs – Your existing customer nurturing program should include things like webinars, customer success workshops, and live events in their area.

Customer Communities – People engage in communities to share new information and opinions about their industry with their peers, or collaborate with professionals.


Now that you have learned about these 4 strategies of digital marketing for tech companies, you need to experiment with them and find out which works best for your business.

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