8 Top SEO Practices for Ecommerce Success

SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in ranking an eCommerce website. eCommerce is a competitive industry – and most business marketers invest in the best SEO services in Dubai to rank their eCommerce store on the search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The primary aim of SEO is to rank the website organically on search engines by implementing the best SEO practices for eCommerce. By ranking your website organically, you’re not paying any money to rank your website on the search engines. However, most eCommerce business owners prefer to run a paid ad on Google or on other advertising platforms to boost sales and generate quick revenue.

eCommerce is the only industry that has picked up major speed during the pandemic. Surprisingly, most people prefer to purchase items online after the pandemic.

As the eCommerce industry is rapidly growing, it is imperative for eCommerce business owners to invest in SEO services in Dubai to outrank their competitors.

That said, this article will discuss the SEO best practices for eCommerce sites to make your online store visible on the search engines.

8 Best SEO Tips For eCommerce Website

1. Keyword Research

SEO for eCommerce is worthless without identifying the right keywords. The purpose of keyword research is to identify the ‘words’ and ‘phrases’ which your targeted audience is using to find your products. Hence, you must ensure that your keywords align with what the users truly want, even if that’s not super obvious from the words they type.

Once, you have identified the keywords, put them in the product names and descriptions, and the metadata of your web pages. Some of the best SEO tools for eCommerce sites for quick and free keyword research are:

  • Google Trends
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword Sheeter
2. Deliver A Tremendous Shopping Experience

The most essential aspect of eCommerce SEO is the website structure. You must create your website by keeping shoppers in mind. For that reason, you can outsource your website development to a reliable SEO agency in Dubai, where experts can help you create a shoppers-friendly website.

Website development is also an important part of SEO for eCommerce. If your website is complex and hard to navigate – a shopper will get frustrated and will leave your website, resulting in increasing your website’s bounce rate. Unfortunately, if Google detects that your website has a high bounce rate, you may experience a slip in your rankings.

Apart from having an attractive website design, your website should have fast-loading pages – which is an essential ranking factor.

3. Optimize On-Page SEO For eCommerce Product Pages

In addition to putting keywords in your product names and description, you should pay attention to other on-page SEO practices, including page titles, meta descriptions, images, etc.

Page Title is a top blue line that shows up in Google search results. It is 70 characters long and enter your targeted keywords in the title.

Meta Descriptions are the text which is displayed below the page title. It is of 320 characters which describe your website in short. Again, naturally, add your keywords so that it doesn’t look salesy.

Lastly, it’s essential to name your images before you put them on your website. Name your images with keywords, if possible. Use a dash between each word, like “Men’s-Black-Leather-Jeans”.
If you want to optimize your on-page SEO for eCommerce – go nowhere, hire the best SEO services in Dubai.

4. Make Your Website ‘Mobile-Friendly’

Today, most people access a website via their smartphones. Research states that mobile eCommerce is projected to be nearly 70% of all eCommerce sales globally.

Therefore, you must create a mobile-friendly website and ensure that it is fully responsive. It means that it should automatically adjust to the user’s device (mobile or tablet) so that the experience can’t be disrupted.

Here, expert guidance is crucial. You can hire SEO services in Dubai, where experts will plan and execute the best backlink-building strategy for your eCommerce store.

Backlink building is a part of off-page SEO where high-authority websites include a link on one of their web pages. These are also known as ‘inbound links.’

The more times your site is linked by other high-authority sites, the more chances of getting it ranked on search engines.

6. Avoid Duplicate Content On Your Website

While putting detailed information about your product is great, you must avoid putting duplicate content on your website.

Google doesn’t prefer to rank those websites which have duplicate content and due to the recent changes in the SEO algorithm, more websites are being penalized. To prevent your website from such punishments, you must focus on creating unique content for each item you list in your online store.

7. Measure Your SEO Efforts By Running An SEO Audit

You can use multiple SEO tools for eCommerce sites that will help you run a quick SEO audit, such as Ahrefs, Google Search Console, SEMRush, KWFinder, etc.

These tools will show the scores of different SEO elements, and a rating scale to show you how good that score is. Also, you will get a deep insight into a site’s health checker which shows you critical errors, warnings, and recommendations.

By leveraging these tools, you will identify the obstacles and implement the best SEO strategy for an eCommerce website.

8. Welcome Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews can help you boost your conversion rate on your product pages. More than 90% of consumers say that product reviews can impact their purchasing decisions.
Hence, it’s crucial to allow your customers to speak about your product once they buy something from you. It will also help with SEO, which makes review management a common SEO for eCommerce tips.


In the digital marketing industry, where paid marketing, influencer marketing, and social media can be too expensive, SEO outshines above all. As long as you are creating unique content and implementing the best on-page SEO for eCommerce practices, you don’t have to spend a penny to get higher rankings.

We pride ourselves on offering the best SEO services in Dubai to our clients globally. Whether you’re planning to build an online store or need to improve the existing one – we’re here to help you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Reap the benefits of our top-notch SEO services in Dubai to boost your sales and generate quick revenue. Fill the form below and our experts will reach out to you with the best eCommerce SEO plan!

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