5 Ways of Making SEO & Web Design Work Together

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Have you ever wondered about the outcome of the combination of SEO and web design? Most business owners in Dubai say that these two are different strategies and play separate roles in achieving their desired business goals. However, it is true to some extent, but the combination of search engine optimization Dubai and web design can do wonders for any business.

Wondering why? Well, Google is a platform that makes these strategies work together. After all, Google is the most trusted platform worldwide. For that reason, the platform prefers to rank a website with quality content and a responsive website design.

Therefore, to outrank your competitors and gain a competitive edge, you need to focus on creating quality content and an effective website design. Remember, if your website lacks this unique combination, then your business is most likely to fall into chaos. Also, it may hurt your search engine ranking. However, you can seek professional help from a reputable digital marketing agency in Dubai where experts can help you streamline the content creation and web design process.

Best Ways To Make SEO and Web Design Work Together

Are you still confused about using search engine optimization Dubai and web design together? Fear not! Here are some of the ways how these strategies together can help you achieve your desired business goals?

1. Create An Easy-To-Read Website Design

When it comes to improving your search engine ranking, you might have spent a lot of time and effort creating top-notch content. Right? But do you know how website design affects SEO?

Most business owners don’t realize the importance of a good website design for their content. No matter how good and informative your content is, a poor website design can make it impossible for readers to read your content.

Pages with different blocks or too many hyperlinks can frustrate the readers. And there is no point if users can’t get the information they are looking for.

Therefore, when creating a web design, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Don’t use a too big or too small text font
  • Use a dark color font on a light background
  • Add images to grab user’s attention
  • Use an easy-to-read font.

To streamline the website design process, it is wise to seek help from a reputable best SEO web design company in Dubai.

2. Mobile-Friendly Is Google-Friendly

In 2017, Google announced that it is going to start indexing mobile-friendly websites first. This algorithm has urged web developers to rethink their web design strategy. Today, most users prefer to visit a website through their smartphone. Therefore, it is wise to embrace a customer-centric approach to get higher rankings and attract users.

In February 2022, more than 51% of the total web visits were currently mobile. This number is huge and it is expected to grow even more with time.

So, you might be thinking of embracing a mobile-friendly approach, you shouldn’t forget about your website’s content. After all, it is something that will improve your SEO and search engine ranking.

How responsive is your text? Your pictures? Focus on improving your content quality and you will get higher rankings in no time.

3. Upload Valuable Content

Needless to say, valuable content plays a crucial role in every digital marketing strategy. However, the collaboration of responsive website design and valuable content is a match made in heaven. They both have the potential to do wonders for any business, regardless of the industry.

Remember, when creating content, focus on its structure, add winning keywords, and make it easy to read. It is a good SEO practice that can improve your search engine optimization Dubai strategy.

The way you present your content to readers matters a lot. An effective web design can either make or break your business. To the extent, if you do so, you are increasing the likelihood of your website becoming the most searched content over the internet. To create effective web design, seeking professional help from a top-notch website design company can be a better option.

4. Improve Your Website’s Speed

Let’s say you have posted well-researched and valuable content on your website. What if it takes years to load? All your content creation efforts can go wasted when you have slow-loading web pages.

Today, internet users are impatient – and they seek quick information and a tremendous browsing experience. If your website takes a lot of time to load, it can frustrate the users and they will move on to other websites. It can result in losing sales and increase your website’s bounce rate.
When your visitors feel satisfied with your loading speed, they are more likely to come back later. Therefore, to effectively boost your website’s speed, it is wise to consult a professional web development company in Dubai.

5. Having A Clear Sitemap Is The Key

If your website structure doesn’t make sense to you, it won’t make sense to your audience. Also, it won’t make sense to Google. Therefore, it is wise to have a clear sitemap on your website. It helps search engines to crawl your website.

A sitemap is a guide for pages and content on a website. This blueprint is essential, as it helps to make the right for larger and newer websites, which don’t carry external links.


Creating a responsive website design and quality content is the key to getting higher rankings in search engines. After all, it is one of the best ways to gain Google’s recommendation.

So, are you ready to outrank your competitors with search engine optimization Dubai and web design?

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