Digital Marketing for Hotels and Resorts

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Find More Customers with Our Digital Marketing for Resorts & Hotels Services

Digital Marketing for Hotels is no more a luxury, it is a necessity. With the hotel and resort industry becoming extremely competitive, it is important to create a strong online presence, develop an enviable brand image, and optimize your website to rank high on search engine results. And digital marketing for hotels can provide you with these desired results.

Digital Marketing for Hotels and Resorts – Make your Hotel Website a Star Performer

In today’s digital world, every business is striving to position itself high on search engine results as this is where a majority of business comes from. And without proper digital marketing strategies for resorts and hotels, you will become redundant in the race of vying for the customer’s attention. However, if you make proper use of professionally designed and properly curated digital marketing strategies for resorts, you can maximize your chances of growing your business manifold.

Digital Marketing and SEO for Hotels and Resorts – It’s a Different Ball Game Altogether

Digital marketing has become standard practice for all businesses for the ample benefits it provides. However, not every business would stick to a similar digital marketing strategy as the customer base, the industry type and business orientations are different. So is the case with the resort and hotel industry. The hospitality industry needs a different approach when reaching out to customers as they not only need to paint a pretty picture of their property and highlight the services but also do so in an alluring manner. This can be done in the following steps:

Fulfilling Dreams

Most customers don’t know when and where to go. Capture their attention at this point rather than selling your property. Highlight why your property is a dream destination and what makes it different from others. Using the right visuals of your property is a good idea here


Assist Planning

Most travellers plan extensively. So, highlight your USPs to help them make a better choice. Here you must highlight what your guests can do at your property, nearby locations, attractions and more to ensure that they feel convinced about booking with you


Booking First

If you have managed to get your customer to this point, you are almost there. Now is the time to offer attractive deals, time-sensitive offers, customer reviews, etc to seal the deal. Make sure to make them feel that they have made the right decision by booking with you. Give them a last-minute deal if need be to ensure they become

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Provide an Experience

Most travellers are looking for a memorable experience. Highlight what services and features will give them that. The better you deal with them, the higher the chances of getting business from them. With so much information available on mobile, you must highlight what you provide

Businessman checking into hotel

Share and Expand

Most customers tend to share their experience of staying with you on social media and review platforms. Such reviews must be carefully used to highlight how good your property is. This will not only make your guests feel valued but will also encourage others to book with you

NV Digital – Partner with Us for Higher Conversions

The hospitality industry has increasingly become more and more competitive across the globe, making it more challenging for hotels and resorts to stand out and attract the right customers. Hence, it has become even more important to hire a digital marketing agency in Dubai that is professional, experienced, and understands the nuances of the hotel and resort industry. And NV Digital is one such agency that knows its game well and believes in delivering the results that our clients desire.

Being the most trusted digital marketing agency in Dubai, we have rendered result-oriented solutions to a variety of clients in different sectors. But we specialize in the hotel and resort industry. Our team of expert digital marketing experts and SEO professionals know what it takes to make a hotel and resort website work and what digital marketing strategies for resorts and hotels to use to get the desired results. This is how we do it:

Competitor Analysis

If you wish to succeed, it is not only important to do your things well, but also to keep a tab on what your competitors are doing. This helps you to maximize what is working in your industry and also stay away from repeating what others are doing. This will help you to stand out

Keywords Research and Strategy Development

Researching, identifying, and strategically maximizing the right keywords is essential in creating a successful marketing strategy that will render the right results. This is what we do. We use keywords that are likely to get your more business

Technical SEO

From making your website load faster, easily identifiable by the search engines, consistent development of your website’s schema, installing SSL certificate for a safer website, and making it mobile-friendly, we implement several Technical SEO best practices for best results

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

By maximizing on-page techniques like the page content, page URLs, keyword density, link building (both internal and external), meta descriptions, etc to off-page techniques like Google Business Listings, UNAP, links from other websites, and social media – we optimize your website through a number of strategies

Link Building

Link-building is considered to be one of the most cost-effective and effective ways of increasing your website traffic. We ensure that credible links are linked to your website through blogs, encouraging user reviews, writing articles on reputable websites, developing high-quality content, and other strategies like sponsoring a local event. This provides higher visibility and credibility to your website

Brand Awareness

We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that help your brand create a strong online presence, reach a wide range of customers, build a recognizable brand, and ensure high search engine rankings. We do this by identifying the target groups, utilizing social media platforms for branding social media presence and campaigns that are important and much more. We also maximize Google ads through paid keyword research, ad copywriting, campaigns setup, budget optimization, landing page creation and lead generation

Our Services and How We Do it Differently

When you partner with NV Digital, a leading brand-building agency in Dubai, you get onboard with a
partner that dedicatedly works to enhance your online presence and increase your business. We do
it through the following services:

Web Design and Development for Hotels

Your website is your gateway to your hotel property and a large number of travelers feel more convinced about booking a hotel that has its own website. That said, your website should have an enticing design, fast loading speed, quality content, and images/videos, and must provide the right call for action. A top-ranking website has a 31.7 % higher chance of getting clicked. So, as a leading brand-building agency in Dubai, we provide world-class web design and development services that rank your website high on search engine results. We ensure that your hotel website is SEO-friendly, loads fast, comprises the right visuals and has easy navigation. We not only design websites but also work on revamping other websites to give them a better-performing index.

Our tailor-made solutions for hotels and resorts create more awareness about your brand, reach the right customers, and bring more leads. When you partner with us, you can leave your worries aside and sit back and see how your website brings more leads and increases your business. With years of experience in designing hotel and resort websites, we know the nitty-gritty of the game. This allows us to include all the important features in the website and make it a high-yielding performer. All are website design and development efforts are result-oriented and every element on the website is carefully selected for curated functionality.

SEO for Hotels

SEO services are not just about high rankings on search engines, but also optimizing the website for fast loading time, optimized images and videos, and quality content. Research shows that faster- loading websites retain 40% more visitors than those with a slow loading speed. As a leading SEO agency in Dubai, we provide world-class SEO services in UAE making your website ideal for a memorable browsing experience.

PPC Advertising for Hotels

Studies show that 28% of clicks go to the top results on search engines and PPC advertising can help your website rank among the top. That apart, 60% of daily searches come from mobiles, and PPC advertising captures these leads well (almost 69%). As a leading PPC advertising agency in Dubai, we make sure you get the numbers.

Within our PPC advertising services, we also utilize Google Hotel Ads. Previously called Google Hotel Finder, these provide updated information about availability, room types and pricing to reach people who are actively looking for hotels. Through these ads, you can target customers looking for hotels at a certain location and price range.

Social Media Marketing for Hotels

It is believed that more than 50% of guests make their hotel bookings based on their social media presence. The more vibrant their social media pages are, the higher their chances of doing business. NV Digital is a leading social media marketing agency in Dubai providing quality social media services for hotels. We ensure that you maximize your social media presence and capture the right customers.

Email Marketing for Hotels

The hotel and resort industry not only relies on marketing but also on the right information, which your email marketing campaign can provide. By sending informative and personalized emails, you can increase your chances of getting a booking done by 80%. Sending promotional codes, images, videos, menus, etc. can entice your customers to do business with you.

Influencer Marketing

Studies show that 60% of all adults have an Instagram account. And this is the customer base that you can directly reach out to through influencer marketing. That apart, influencer marketing also provides a chance of cross-selling and up-selling, increasing your chances of getting more business by 18%. As a leading digital marketing agency for hotels, we ensure that we get the right influences onboard who can change the way your hotel is perceived.

Online Review Management

A recent study showed that 96% of users consider reviews an important factor in booking a hotel, while more than 50% of customers don’t book a hotel with no reviews. So, you understand the importance of online reviews. We ensure the site are managed efficiently to maximize their benefits.

While positive reviews can increase your credibility, negative reviews can impact your business. Managing negative reviews is important. And we can help you with that. We ensure that by minimizing negative reviews, and monitoring and responding to all reviews (the good or the bad). Responding to reviews, especially negative ones, is a good way of showing your commitment to your
customers as well as winning back your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The hotel and resort industry is extremely competitive. Your website must rank high in search engines so that your customers can find you. Without digital marketing, you will not be able to tap the right customers, losing out on business.
There are different kinds of techniques that can be used to maximize the benefits of digital marketing for hotels. PPC advertising, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and web design and development can help you grow your business tremendously.
Every quality service comes at a price. However, at NV Digital, we ensure that we provide quality services at the most affordable price so that you get the complete worth of every penny spent.